MOSCHINO SS 2015 – Think Pink and Dream

In every kids childhood, Barbie Dolls have been involved in our lives in some sort or form.  She is an icon of fantasy for every girl- a girl who never grows old or fat with a million different reincarnations and careers, several dream houses and mansions, a great boyfriend who she never marries but has several dream weddings just to wear the most beautiful wedding dresses and a wardrobe so big that she never have to worry about wearing the same outfit twice.

In the past decade she have transformed herself into a fashion icon.  Barbie is no longer just a fashion doll in pink dresses, she have been dressed by some of the biggest names in fashion. From Burberry to the iconic Versace dress, to Christian Louboutin who created several barbies with miniature versions of the iconic shoes and most recently Karl Lagerfeld.  In a way, Fashion Brands want to give fashionistas a piece of their beautiful clothes on the runway thu Barbie. She even have an instagram account which captures her fashion journey for Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.

barbie -the fashion icon

This season for the first time ever, she became the Muse for one of the biggest brands in the world – Moschino. For his second season with the fashion house, Jeremy Scott have used Barbie’s Mission – “think pink and dream” as the inspiration for his collection.  The collection merges iconic pieces of the house with the fun and glamour of Barbie.  The Collection began with many different reincarnations of Barbie- Roller Skates Barbie, Working Barbie, Cow Girl Barbie, Spa Barbie to name a few.Different Lives of BarbieThe Day Wear of the collection features many iconic pieces from Moschino with Barbie Touches.  In a way, this section of the show feels very much like what would Barbie wear from Moschino if shes a Every Day Girl?Moschino S/S 2015And of course the section which young girls would love when playing with Barbie, the evening wear.  From the Fashion Point of view, these are not elegant and will not be at the Oscars but they are certainly fun and those dresses will definitely be worn by Katie Perry in the future.evening
Some of the looks are inspired by barbie dolls in the 80s-90s.  One of the favourite parts of this collection for me is the fact that the inspiration goes both ways in the show.  For fans of Barbie, this is such a nostalgic and brought back many memories of my childhood.

Sun Sensation Barbie

Sun Sensation Barbie

Barbie Superstar Tuxedo

Barbie Designer Collection Tuxedo

Pretty Perfume Barbie

Perfume Pretty Barbie

Evening Extravangaza Barbie

Evening Extravangaza Barbie

Like his previous collection, Moschino have made some pieces of the Opening of the show available for purchase just seconds after the Runway Show so customers do not have to wait 6 months before they can get a piece of the beautiful collection.  Thanks to I have curated some of the pieces of the collection for you all to shop at my minipopup store.  Before further Doodahs…. Here is the Collection.

The first look of the show is a leather ensemble of the barbie doll which was produced as a gift for the guest at the front row. SO JEALOUS…..MATTEL PLEASE MANUFACTURE THIS DOLL FOR THE MASS..


Leather Jacket

Leather Skirt


The Second Look of the show is a knited cropped sweater with a matching pencil skirt. The print is inspired by the Barbie logo in the 80s. (the iphone case is out of stock, will curate it at my mini popup shop asap)
Moschino SS 2015 look 2

Cropped Top

Knitted Skirt

Printed Handbag


The third look of the show was actually inspired by “Fashion Jeans Barbie” in 1981. The Jeans is just an adult version of the doll with the cowboy boots created in white.  The knit sweater was changed to a tee with the words “Totally Moschino” which has the exact font of “totally barbie” ads in the 80s. The Leather printed envelope clutch can be changed into a handbag for evening wear.

look3 copy


Knitted Tank Top

Knitted Tank in Black

Skinny Jeans

Printed Leather Clutch


This knitted sweater dress and backpack ensemble reminds me alot of what girls used to wear to the park  in the 90s. Many fashion sisters will either go “I had that barbie backpack/sweater as a kid” or “”I wanted that barbie backpack/sweater as a kid but never had it” .  What Jeremy Scott did is to use these simple clothes which mattel produced in the 80s, blow it up in adult size with the  Moschino Twist. Thats the beauty of this collection… to have the clothes we wish we had or to relive our childhood memories


Printed Sweater

Printed Sweater Dress in Black

Printed Backpack


For the less adventurous style brothers who want to grab a bit of this beautiful collection, Jeremy Scott have also designed several printed T-Shirts  which is also available hot off the runway and I’ve also curated for you all at our mini popup store too.


Oversized Printed Tee

Barbie Fashion Printed Tee

Moschino Barbie Tee

Oversized Paper Doll Tee

Thats it for now. for more beautiful fashion and accessories handpicked by me, checkout my mini-popup shop SHOP SHOP with TIMTIM WONG . Will have weekly updates on the latest stock weekly so don’t forget to save it to your browser ^^. Happy Shopping everyone^^

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READY TO DYE – a fun and colourful afternoon at Fashion Farm Foundation

The DIY culture in Hong Kong have grown tremendously in the past few years.  From cooking to making crafts and teddy bears to wearable accessories, the satisfaction of having made or cooked something by myself and share it with our friends or on instagram have made this a popular pass time for weekends and holidays.  It is also a nice and healthy (non alcohol related) indoor activity to do with friends and family which is why many companies began to provide 1 day DIY courses for their products. Which is why when Fashion Farm Foundation – a community in Hong Kong that unite designers, retailers, traders, & cultural practitioners, to develop and foster synergy between business, education, lifestyle and culture posted an ad for their Tie Dye workshop, I signed up right away.Ready to Dye @ FFFTie Dying is a resist fabric dying technique which creates patterns thru tieing the fabric to create patterns and dipped in dyes.  It is a technique which is popular in many tribal countries but made popular in the hippy culture in the 70s.  Having worked with that technique several times both in childhood and during my studies in university, I thought It would be fun to see how it is done in the professional world and share with you all on my blog. Which is why it was amazing to be taught by Ready To Dye – a Handmade Tie Dye business in Hong Kong who not only sell and collaborate with different companies in HK but also offer workshop to share their technique with the general public.  Before further doodas, Here is my journey and a brief sharing on how I made 2 tie dyed tees.

DIY Tie Dye Marble Print T-shirt in BTW-Workshop Colours
1- Soak the T-shirt (or any garment in cotton preferably white) in water



2- To create a “Marble pattern” Scrunch the fabric using your fabric slowly but toughly to create irregular “blobs” with the fabric. Secure the Form with elastic bands
Sculpting the Pattern

3- Ready To Dye uses powdered dyes for dying the fabric. Mix your favorite colours into squeezable plastic bottles. And Prepare your Tee-shirt on a metal board on top of a tray.Prepare to Dye

4- Dye Your Fabric using your desired colours and patterns. Make sure you start with your lighter colour before you do the dark colours especially if you are using black like me. Also make sure you dye both sides of the fabric. Place the finished product in the microwave for 1 minute for the dye to set. Wash the dye off in water and leave to dry for 3 days.Dying the Fabric

5-  My first creation using the BTW-Workshop Colours. ^^
Tie Dye Tee in BTW-Workshop Colours

For my second t-shirt I want to try a more traditional pattern in a classic ethnic style stripe print often seen using this technique.  What I did was roll the t-shirt into a long stripe then secured in elastic bands to create different stripe patterns.  Then I Dyed the T-shirt the way I did previously this time in earth tones from yellow to blue to green.Pattern 2

The result is a diagonally striped t-shirt in natural almost ethnic style colours.

It was such a fun afternoon and I’ve learnt so much from the amazing artists at Ready To Dye.  Can’t Wait to wear my own creations.  Also Thanks so much Fashion Farm Foundation for organizing this amazing workshop. If you are interested.  If you are in Hong Kong and want to find out more about Ready To Wear and Fashion Farm Foundation on their future projects. Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ready To Dye
INSTAGRAM | readytodye

Fashion Farm Foundation (fff)
INSTAGRAM | fashionfarmfoundation

Hope you enjoy my colorful and fun day.  Please feel free to comment on my creations.

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THE PRINCESS WARDROBE – photoshoot featuring clothes from Topshop

Very early on in every women s life, there will always be a fairytale princess which brought a lot of joy and dreams into their childhood.  The idea that they will be beautiful who goes thru many challenges in life then the perfect prince comes along and they will end up happily ever after in a beautiful dress.  Even though as we grow up, we realise this is so far from reality however the closest we can ever become a princess is to have the beautiful wardrobe.
In every Decade, there will be a style icon by a royal princess who’s fashion style will influence the fashion trend of that decade. In the 1950s, we have Grace Kelly – Princess Grace of Monoco who’s classic streamline style was copied by women of that era. In The 80s-90s , we had the late Princess Diana who’s haircut and glamourous evening wear was replicated into high street chain stalls all over the world.  Most recently we have Princess Kate Middleton who’s effortless and often affordable fashion choices earned her a spot as one of our style icons of this decade.
Inspired by this Princess Trend, my team and I have decided to do a photoshoot featuring clothes by Topshop . inspired by Cinderella,what will Cinderella wear if she gets inspired fellow princesses and style icons doing her princess duties?


MODEL | Bruna.M | Starzpeople
HAIR | Tim Wong | BTW-Workshop
MAKEUP | Miu Tse | BTW-Workshop
STYLING | Tim Wong | BTW-Workshop
PHOTOGRAPHY | Victoria Chan | Victoria Chan Photography


For the first look, we are inspired by the question what will Cinderella wear if she enters the library and the world of Belle from Beauty and the Beast?  A mint green round collared sleeveless blouse was paired with a white jaquared a-line cotton skirt to create a princess like girly silhouette which is still wearable and modern.  Hair was parted in the center and pulled back intro a long, ponytail like chignon topped with a tiara headband by Accessorize to create a whimsy yet simpie look- almost like she did it herself.look1closeup

What will Cinderella wear if she goes out on press tours during the day? Knitted Tee and pencil skirt in Cinderella’s signature colour pastel blue is paired together to create a modern shift dress. Inspired by Jackie O, the look is topped with a tweed jacket in Pink and black to create a more tailored look for fornmal day Princess duties

Hair is set in a side part, curled and twisted leaving the ends loose to create a shorted hair do. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair who wants to try short hair without the need of a haircut.

What will Cinderella wear if she goes out to a tea party in the woods? A Black and White Checked top to mimic the print of a picnic carpet.  A dusky pink tea length ballad skirt makes the look modern , feminine and practical for sitting down.  The hair is pulled up and finished off with 2 bands of crystals to replicate a modern version of the classic Cinderella Updo.


So thats the end of the shoot. Hope you enjoy the photos my team and I created for you this week.  For more photo shoots by me and my team, follow my blog  for future posts for behind the scene post of the concept of the photos.  For my daily post of our editorial work, check our BTW-Workshop facebook page.

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