READY TO DYE – a fun and colourful afternoon at Fashion Farm Foundation

The DIY culture in Hong Kong have grown tremendously in the past few years.  From cooking to making crafts and teddy bears to wearable accessories, the satisfaction of having made or cooked something by myself and share it with our friends or on instagram have made this a popular pass time for weekends and holidays.  It is also a nice and healthy (non alcohol related) indoor activity to do with friends and family which is why many companies began to provide 1 day DIY courses for their products. Which is why when Fashion Farm Foundation – a community in Hong Kong that unite designers, retailers, traders, & cultural practitioners, to develop and foster synergy between business, education, lifestyle and culture posted an ad for their Tie Dye workshop, I signed up right away.Ready to Dye @ FFFTie Dying is a resist fabric dying technique which creates patterns thru tieing the fabric to create patterns and dipped in dyes.  It is a technique which is popular in many tribal countries but made popular in the hippy culture in the 70s.  Having worked with that technique several times both in childhood and during my studies in university, I thought It would be fun to see how it is done in the professional world and share with you all on my blog. Which is why it was amazing to be taught by Ready To Dye – a Handmade Tie Dye business in Hong Kong who not only sell and collaborate with different companies in HK but also offer workshop to share their technique with the general public.  Before further doodas, Here is my journey and a brief sharing on how I made 2 tie dyed tees.

DIY Tie Dye Marble Print T-shirt in BTW-Workshop Colours
1- Soak the T-shirt (or any garment in cotton preferably white) in water



2- To create a “Marble pattern” Scrunch the fabric using your fabric slowly but toughly to create irregular “blobs” with the fabric. Secure the Form with elastic bands
Sculpting the Pattern

3- Ready To Dye uses powdered dyes for dying the fabric. Mix your favorite colours into squeezable plastic bottles. And Prepare your Tee-shirt on a metal board on top of a tray.Prepare to Dye

4- Dye Your Fabric using your desired colours and patterns. Make sure you start with your lighter colour before you do the dark colours especially if you are using black like me. Also make sure you dye both sides of the fabric. Place the finished product in the microwave for 1 minute for the dye to set. Wash the dye off in water and leave to dry for 3 days.Dying the Fabric

5-  My first creation using the BTW-Workshop Colours. ^^
Tie Dye Tee in BTW-Workshop Colours

For my second t-shirt I want to try a more traditional pattern in a classic ethnic style stripe print often seen using this technique.  What I did was roll the t-shirt into a long stripe then secured in elastic bands to create different stripe patterns.  Then I Dyed the T-shirt the way I did previously this time in earth tones from yellow to blue to green.Pattern 2

The result is a diagonally striped t-shirt in natural almost ethnic style colours.

It was such a fun afternoon and I’ve learnt so much from the amazing artists at Ready To Dye.  Can’t Wait to wear my own creations.  Also Thanks so much Fashion Farm Foundation for organizing this amazing workshop. If you are interested.  If you are in Hong Kong and want to find out more about Ready To Wear and Fashion Farm Foundation on their future projects. Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ready To Dye
INSTAGRAM | readytodye

Fashion Farm Foundation (fff)
INSTAGRAM | fashionfarmfoundation

Hope you enjoy my colorful and fun day.  Please feel free to comment on my creations.

Until Next Time


TimTim Wong ^^

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