Its been awhile since I’ve updated ’cause I’ve been so busy working on up and coming projects which will be revealed both here and on my instagram .

2015 have been a very sad year for the fashion industry with many fashion designers announcing that they have shown their final ready to wear collection. Recently, Marc Jacobs announced that they will close down Marc by Marc Jacobs and incorporate it into his main line .  In Febuary, Victor & Rolf announced that they have shown their last ready to wear collection and focus on Haute Couture . But for me, the most upsetting news was when Jean Paul Gaultier decided to end his ready to wear line earlier this year to focus on Haute Couture. While I respect those fashion gods for choosing art over fashion and I know they will still produce beautiful work but for most of us who can’t afford Haute Couture , it is the most devastating news ’cause for many years, some of my biggest investments is to save money to buy pieces from these amazing designers.

I’ve loved Jean Paul Gaultier for so many years. I’ve always loved his creativity , his passion for androgny and the fact that he redefined menswear by designing traditional women’s items such as skirts, sheer garments and corsets for men.  Which is why I’ve decided to try buy some of the pieces from his final collection as archives for the future and of course try to do photoshoots to do these clothes justice.

This shoot features 2 of the key pieces in his final collection.  The sheer Knit is from his final menswear collection. I love it ’cause Its the perfect balance between masculinity with the classic sweater style but the sheerness adds a touch of mystery and sexy to the garment.  The Blazer is from his final resort ready to wear collection . Eventhough it cost an arm and a leg but I love it because of its corset details – a signature by JPG.  Inorder to compliment the outfit, I’ve chosen the Empress Plaza in Hong Kong ’cause of all the beautiful plants, flowers and artwork which I throught will compliment with the Hard and soft texture of the outfit.  P.S I made the bracelet myself out of swarovski crystals.  Without further doodahs, here are the photos.

TOP: Jean Paul Gaultier
PANTS: Rag & Bone
Blazer: Jean Paul Gaultier
Boots: Junya Watanabe X Trickers
Bag: 112 mountainyam
Bracelet: Made by ME ^^
















Hope you all enjoy this outfit as much as I did wearing it.  Special thanks to my dear assistant Charlie for this awesome set of photos.

Don’t forget to follow my instagram for latest updates of my fashion life.

Until next time

XOXO Timtim Wong

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