#OOTD – Iridescent Minimalism

Fashion for me have always been a form of experimentation. Unlike many fellow bloggers or fashionistas who may have a signature look but for me I like to challenge myself to explore different ways to push my style boundaries to create different reincarnations of my self at events.  As I get older, I’ve learnt to never say never to any item or style of clothing because I always end up wanting to wear something I’ve once said “I WILL NEVER WEAR “…………..”.” so its so important to keep an open mind about things I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Sometime meeting a garment with a style you’ve never tried before is like meeting a new friend with a personality you’ve never been friends with but happened to click by accident.  The moment came when I was at a designer’s office getting tailored for a printed suit this season.  It was a long purple jacket rendored in this thin, shiny fabric.  Even though Barbie is a fashion icon for me as seen in my previous posts here and here but I’ve never worn Iridescent fabrics and I seldom wear lavender because even though I love androgyny , I’ve always stirred away from it because I worry it may look too camp; but after I stared at the jacket at least 5 times during the 3 minute measuring session, My designer friend made me try it on just to get it over and done with.

It was love at first sight and surprised both me and the designer how much it suited me.  The silhouette and tailoring of the jacket is very masculine without being heavy because of the fabric.  The feminine lavender colour is a feminine touch and made it andrognous. But the biggest surprise was the Iridescent which made it sparkle without any sequin or crystal.  The whole effect felt like Cinderella when her Fairy God Mother turned her rags into a ball gown.

To style this amazing jacket, I gave myself another style challenge : keeping the look clean and minimal because I want a blank canvas for the jacket.  So I decided to go with a simple long tunic by the designer himself, a long white crisp sporty style pair of trousers and a pair of white sandals. Sleeking my hair back with gel was a wink to the Iridescence to finish off the look. Without further doodahs, Here are the photos.

Iridescent Minimalism

Photos by my style sister V-FOR-VISALA

Iridescent MInimalism 1  Iridescent MInimalism 2

Iridescent MInimalism 3

Iridescent MInimalism 4

Iridescent MInimalism 5

Iridescent MInimalism 6

Iridescent MInimalism 8

Iridescent MInimalism 7

Iridescent Minimalism 9

Iridecent Minimalism 9

Iridescent Minimal 10

Hope you enjoy this set of photo.

Thanks so much Visala for capturing a softer side of me.

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Until Next Time


Timtim Wong

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