#OOTD – Oriental Garden

Fashion Labels.
Every fashionista will always have their favourite fashion designers and design labels even though I know there’s always the old saying that style is about what the garment looks like not what is the name on the label tag.
My followers on Instagram and here on my blog will know that I sometimes play favorites with designers both in Hong Kong and Internationally because I find it impossible to just buy 1 item if I love the whole collection, which is why I always get so excited when I discover a new designer who I fell in love with at a fashion show and the excitement increased when it came from a student fashion show.
Those of you who have read my previous post will know that I was extremely impressed with the level of talent of the menswear at Raffles College Fashion Show at Hong Kong Fashion Week. Out of the 4 collection there was 1 collection who I fell in love with from the moment I saw the pieces at the press preview party before the show and truly delivered on the runway.
Ahtram by Martha Sartika is a final year fashion design student who presented her pre-collection at Raffles Fashion Show this year.  You all know that I will always have a true love for prints especially digital print on prints so the looks caught my eye straight away.  Martha’s biggest talent as a designer is the fact that she understands wearability yet brings creativity to the clothes thru her prints and adding her own design details such as pleats and appliques. Which is why I was so honored to wear a few pieces for this photo shoot so soon after the fashion show.
For this outfit, I chose a printed tee in the most gorgeous shades of purple over a black shirt , a pair of pleated denim shorts and a mixed print and denim bomber jacket which felt like a work of art.  A pair of printed shorts, cargo boots and a Liberty weekend bag I got from my recent trip to London Completed the look.  Although this smart casual style is my typical work uniform, but this version of print on print felt abit more masculine than my usual choices.  Also I don’t usually do denim because it is usually too raw and casual for my taste but the details in the shorts made them feel more sophisticated.
Without further Doodahs, here are the photos ^^

 Oriental Garden

Shirt | Topman
Tee | Ahtram
Shorts | Ahtram
Jacket | Ahtram
Socks | Happy Socks
Boots | Trickers
Bag | Liberty

Athram 1

Athram 2

Athram 3

Athram 4

Athram 5

Athram 6

Athram 8

Athram 9

Athram 9

Athram 10

Athram 11

LR athram 13

Hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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Until Next Time


Timtim Wong

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