When we were young, we were taught with the perception that pants are for Boys while dresses and skirts are for girls. As we grow older, due to fashion trends, practicality and also the feminist movement, trousers become a wardrobe staple amongst women as well HOWEVER, even in today’s trends driven society with edgy fashion designers such as Rick Owens, Jean Paul Gaultier, JW Anderson, Commes Des Garcon frequently showing numerous versions of skirts and dresses in their collections; skirts and dresses is often not considered a clothing item for men.
It is ironic because looking back at fashion history, Skirts and Dresses is often worn by men in cultures all around the world. Back in Ancient Times, a Shendyt – a skirt similar to a sarong or loin cloth is a wardrobe staple for men. In Japan, the Hakama – a long trapeze skirt is traditionally designed for men to wear during formal occasions such as  tea ceremonies, weddings and funerals.  In China and Hong Kong we have the traditional Chang Shan – a floor length robe which is still popular amongst men of all age to wear during Chinese New Year and who can forget the Scottish Kilt – still a wardrobe staple for men to wear to formal occasions  in European Countries today.  It wasn’t until the 20th Century, in a male dominated society which tailored pants with suits replaced the skirts and defined power and masculine for men.  It is interesting because some how it felt like with the invention of trousers, the “gender” of skirts is passed on to women until the 80s punk culture and the kilt became a fashion item for men again. Which is why with my facination with androgyny, I’ve decided to attempt the skirt as my #ootd for a recent fashion event.
I’ve worn a lot of skirts in the past but usually they are long and also I haven’t had a edgy “punk” ish #ootd for a very long time, so as soon as I saw this red tartan kilt in the recent Versus collection, it became the starting point for this outfit. Unlike the model, I wanted to wear it the traditional way without the matching trousers so I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple but edgy with a Black and white shirt, a pair of laced up boots and my Bambi backpack by Givenchy.  A pair of plaid socks gives a nod to the kilt and also kept it masculine.  The result felt surprisingly masculine (for me because you all know I love my prints, hotpinks and plunging V neckline) but the only downfall is I wore this on a windy day so the kept flying up- style sisters: my respect for you increased 200% after that day.
Without further Doodahs, Here are the photos.
















Hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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As young men, I’ve always loved looking at Celebrities on the red carpet at awards shows.  Most of the time I am more interested in watching the red carpet than the actual awards show. Which is why, even though I’ve never watched a full MTV’s Video Music Awards, I’ve spent the yesterday looking at what the celebrities wore on the Red Carpet this year.
Unlike The Film or TV Awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys) Shows which calls for formal and glamour evening wear, Music Awards shows are usually more fun & kirky and its a red carpet which Artists, Musicians and Celebrities can really express their own style and take risks with fashion (both in terms of style or press attention) so sometimes a lot of the looks are either Yay or Nay.
At this year’s VMAs , the fashion choices in general for me is a tad on the disappointing side.  Maybe because with the absence of the Fashion Risk Taking big names like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga and the Glamazons like Beyonce or J.Lo , there seem to be a lack of good fashion wow moments or dramatic fashion risk taking. In general, for me the Red Carpet have only a view best dressed and a lot of either bad or bla looks and a bunch who just dressed to get people talking in the press.
So without further Doodahs, Here is my review of some of the fashion moments at the VMAS this year. (Warning: long post but please read it all to get to the WTFs )


The Good - Taylor Swift in Ashish

Taylor Swift in Ashish- photo by Getty Image

Even though this was on a lot of worst dressed lists, but I love this look on Taylor because this feel like a departure from her usual long glamorous evening dresses on the red carpet.  This is a personal fashion risk for going sporty glam.  I really love the sequined cropped top pair with sparkly sweat pants.  The shoes are to die for and gives a wink to the outfit without being too matchy.  The effortless pony tail is perfect for the look.  My only complain is that the eye makeup feels too long making her eyes look wider than it is, but overall its an edgy and glamorous surprise coming from her.

FKA TWIGS IN Atelier Versace and Eva Fehren Jewellery. Photo: Getty Images

FKA TWIGS in Atelier Versace and Eva Fehren Jewellery. Photo: Getty Images

Usually I am not a fan of Sheer Evening Dresses but FKA’s Altelier Versace gown is one of the most dramatic and glamorous dresses last night.  Its super sexy without being vulgar.  Really love the softness of the chifton against the hardness of the lines in the corset details. Really happy that she decided to incorporate her sequinned bra and panties as part of the look unlike the “naked trend” we’ve been seeing on the red carpet all year. The big big hair with the glamorous makeup with the pop of red lip.  It is the most refined and effortless look we’ve seen from FKA in a long time.

Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Khan Photo by Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Khan
Photo by Getty Images

Soft Bohemian Chic.  Really love what Vaness Hudgen brought to the red carpet last night with this Beautiful evening gown by Naeem Khan.  The floral applicque against the dusty pink made it so romantic and feminine.  The Plunging Neckline gave the dress a bit of sex appeal.  Really love how the braided beach waves, the jewellery and the vintage style clutch gave the look a hippy vibe cause if she had her hair up and wore diamonds , it would just a typical ballgown look.  Against a red carpet of bling, glitz and crazy colors, this stood out on the red carpet ’cause its so different.

Lasichan and Pharell Williams Photo by Getty Images

Lasichan and Pharell Williams
Photo by Getty Images

I wasn’t sure about these looks at first glance because It felt too casual for this event and I am not a fan of denim but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. He looked impeccible and I loved the fact that even though the vibe is casual but he kept everything slick and tailored. Really glad he didn’t go the ripped denim road.  Her denim shirt with denim overalls is the perfect compliment to his look.  The Chanel Clutch gave it a bit of edge.  I only wish her shoe laces matched then it would’ve been perfect.  But even  though the looks seem casual but its done in such a unique and sophisticated way.  Together they looked effortless yet dramatic at the same time.

Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent and Stuart Weitzman shoes

Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent and Stuart Weitzman shoes Photo: Getty Images

Really love the star printed fringed Saint Laurent mini dress.  Some may say its not dramatic enough but Cara is a chilled It girl who always wants to look edgy and cool with a hint of darkness so this girl is perfect for her.  The stars and the fringe gave it drama while the super short length gives it sex appeal without being vulgar.  It feels very modern day flapper with an edge.The effortless hair and makeup is beautiful. She knows her style and she is doing her version for the VMAs.


Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa copy Photo: getty

Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa
Photo: getty

I love Marchesa but YAWNNNNNNN…. soooo over the naked dress trend on the red carpet to a point I want to start a #sayyestopanties hashtag on instagram.  Although I don’t mind the detailing on the halter, but when you see side boob from the front, your boobs are too big for the dress.  The hair and make up is lack luster and also please put some panties on.

 Gigi Hadid in Emilia Wickstead Photo: getty

Gigi Hadid in Emilia Wickstead Photo: getty

I love her tan and her makeup looks good but this feel more pool side party than red carpet.  She looks like she thru a jacket over her swimsuit and rushed to the vmas.  Really don’t get the exposed crotch under the slit.  I think this dress would’ve been better if its floor lengh with a side slit.  Not sure this shade of orange goes with her beautiful glow.

The Bad Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne in Alexander Wang photo: getty

In theory, this is a black pinstriped jumpsuit would’ve been quite chic on Kelly. Loved the hair and make up but the fit with the sheer fabric makes it look sloppy and enter pajama territory. This also needs more statement jewellery to amp it up so it matches the amazing hair.  If this is more tailored and had more structure, had a belt and with more dramatic accessory, it would not have been as bad as what everyone made it to be. Have to admit I am disappointed because usually I am a fan of her unique style.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

This probably would’ve been on the best dressed list for VMAs 1995.  The matching bra under the sheer top is sooooooo 90s.  I get she has abs but do you need to show it every time you are on the red carpet?  I don’t mind the bottom half cause the pants are tailored well and the shoes look good but if you are gonna wear so much red, why does your lipstick don’t match the outfit?  It looks like she just drank water and forgot to retouch her lipstick.  I get shes not into fashion but shes rich enough to hire a stylist for the VMAs.

UGLY Jeannie Mai

UGLY Jeannie Mai Photo: getty

I love prints but this is just butt ugly.  This looks like a bottom entry for project runway challeng with the brief : design a red carpet dress out of materials you find from recycled garbage.  Really don’t get the stars with the flowers and the birds with the BIG 25 number.  The gold jewellery just took it to tacky level.  The prissy prom style hair is just wrong with this trashy disaster of an outfit.


Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

While I respect the concept of bullying on an outfit – VMAs really is the time to do it but this is just attention seeking for me.  The mismatch nude fabric takes it to cartoonville, also why doe it match the colour of Blac’s hair and not her skin?  Also If amber is gonna make this statement then why is she wearing cocktail hour shoes?  They look more like they are making a statement about Kim Kardashian more than about online haters.

Frankie Grande Photo: getty

Frankie Grande
Photo: getty

I love bling and I 100% support men making fashion statement on the red carpet but the flamboyant hair with the sparkly makeup with the glittered chest made this super tacky and cheap.  He looks like a backup dancer at the Mardi Gras parade. I like men who dare to wear suit without shirt but I can never agree to pairing it with your underwear worn as pants.

Miley Cyrus in Atelier Versace photo: getty

Miley Cyrus in Atelier Versace
photo: getty

So over Miley Cyrus and her attention seeking fabrics scarps she wears.  Lady Gaga have done it but at least when she did it, it has concept and drama.  Being barely naked in Couture scraps to make head line is just telling people to look at you.  I get that she is trying to make ppl forget about her Hanna Montana days but doing 180 just makes us remember that she used to star in a Disney movie.  I love Atelier Versace but thanks for ruining one of my favourite boots this season.

Baddie Winkle photo- getty

Baddie Winkle
photo- getty

This would’ve looked perfect on Miley Cyrus with the Versace boots and made her best dressed.  The only excuse an elderly women can walk out in public with this look is if they use this outfit to dress up as Miley Cyrus as a Halloween Costume. Maybe she is knowing Miley is the host.

Z Lala in Merlin Castell photo: getty

Z Lala in Merlin Castell
photo: getty

When this first came out, many people throught it was Dior Haute Couture 2004 by John Galliano but infact it is a rip off.  The designer proudly credited himself on Instagram last night.  Big no in my books no matter how dramatic it is. I don’t mind inspiration but DIRECT COPY is plagiarism and Dior should sue him for copying one of the most iconic looks from one of the most memorable collections ever.  The only thing this look did to me is that it made me know who Z La La is- a new star trying to copy Lady Gaga.

Any sorry about the LOOOONNNGGGG post.  Will keep it shorter next time.
Please let me know how you feel about this year’s VMAs fashion in the comments section.

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