EMMYS 2015 – 15 Looks from the Red Carpet from Best to Worst.

The EMMYs Awards in 2015 just finished last weekend and I have to admit this year the red carpet have been the most interesting once compared to past years.  One of the highlights of this year’s Red Carpet is the fashion risks taken across the board – with just a few actresses wearing sparkly fishtail dresses, naked dresses or big proffy ball gowns which means us fashion obcessed bloggers who only watch Awards Shows for the red carpet fashion have lots to talk about.  Another surprise is the amount of custom made dresses and Haute Couture on the RC- this is rare because often Fashion Design Houses save their Couture pieces for the “Film Awards Red Carpets” such as the Golden Globes or Oscars- I am not saying that Television Actress are not as Famous, worse actresses or less Fashion Icons than Film Actresses on the international stage, but the reality is that American TV series don’t often get shown around the world by the general public compared to film so Fashion Houses often save their best custom Haute Couture pieces for Actresses in Film Awards shows instead of Emmys so it was a Pleasant Surprise to see these custom pieces- the stylists in Hollywood did their Job.

Unlike my previous red carpet posts I’ve decided to change it up and narrow it down to 3 catagories , Best & Worst Dressed and the looks which had protential but killed by bad styling (or vice versa. So without further doodahs, Here is my Red Carpet Review for Emmys Awards 2015.



Best Dressed Lady Gaga Brandon Maxwell Photo: http://www.vogue.com

When I saw this photo, I grasped. Never in my life I would ever have thought that we can see the words “Minimalist” , “Effortlessly Chic” and “Elegant” with Lady Gaga in the same sentence.  I guess with her up coming TV series of American Horror Stories, Mother Monster wanted to be taken series as an actress and she did it brilliantly.  The perfectly tailored one shouldered gown with the slightly floor swepting train is tailored to perfection and super chic. The geometric cut on the hip made the silhouette look interesting without it being a regular LBD. The chin length bob and simple makeup which is minimal for her gave her the most beautiful glow. Definitely the Fashion Shock of the night in the most Fabulous way.  YOU GO MOTHER MONSTER!


Zoe Kazan in Miu Miu Source: www.vogue.com

Zoe Kazan in Miu Miu
Source: http://www.vogue.com

Red will always be a popular shade on the red carpet but this is the first time we saw a red printed dress in a very long time. Really love the different directions the stripes go around the dress so it almost look like a red and white zebra print.  The halter neckline with the flowy chifton gave it a maxi dress vibe.  Usually I am not a fan of the matchy red clutch + red lip + red belt with a red dress but since its a red and white print, it worked perfectly.  I am not usually a fan of a statement necklace on a halterneck especially with a print because usually it will look too busy but in this case since the print is so simple, it gave the total look abit of glamour. She looks like a young , fresh and stylish fashionista on the red carpet.


Ellie Kemper in a Naeem Khan dress and Swarovski bag

Ellie Kemper in a Naeem Khan dress and Swarovski bag Source: http://www.vogue.com

I know this probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I love it for the boldness of the print.  Its bold, dynamic and super dramatic because of the print.  Really love the way the lines of the prints flatter her body giving her the illusion of curves. Usually I am never a fan of dresses which are the same colour as her skin but because of the fact that this is a print it worked. The simple hair with the dramatic eyes is perfect for such an edgy dress. Really love the fact that the navy blue clutch brought out the darker lines of the dress. This is one of the biggest fashion statements of the night. Bravo.


Kerry Washington in a Marc Jacobs dress, Casadei shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry Source: www.vogue.com

Kerry Washington in a Marc Jacobs dress, Casadei shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry
Source: http://www.vogue.com

I had mixed feelings about this look at first because it felt slightly casual and a bit more like an after party dress than a dress which is worn to the awards.  But when i truely throught about it, apart from the Oscars which demands gowns, the definition of a red carpet look for other awards shows have changed.  Silver Sequined dresses can look tacky on the red carpet but this knee length dress is glamourous without looking cheap.  Really love the ombre effect of the skirt.  The sleeves kept it elegant and the slit made it sexy without being vulgar.  The loose finger wave gave the look a nod to the 20s era without being too literal.  The look would’ve been perfect if the shoes was metalic and also the bodysuit underneath is silver so its less exposed. But Kerry is always a risk taker on the red carpet and this is the first time in quite a while which the risk taking worked.


Jamie Alexander in an Armani PrivéDress and Baccarat jewelry

Jamie Alexander in an Armani Privé Dress and Baccarat jewelry

I was slightly upset when I saw Jamie Alexander wore this Armani Prive dress on the red carpet at first because I was hoping to see it on my fashion queen Cate Blanchett but the more I looked at it, Jamie deserved it because she looked super glamorous and elegant. Its very rich and slightly gothic and I loved the fact that she kept the styling simple with just a small amount of black diamonds and sleeked her hair back.  This look is all about the dress and a high neck gown with sleeves and no skin showing can look suffocating on the wrong body, but Jamie pulled it off like a fashion queen.



January Jones in Ulyana Sergeenko and Tiffany & Co. jewelry Source: Vogue.com

January Jones in Ulyana Sergeenko and Tiffany & Co. jewelry
Source: Vogue.com

January Jones is usually risk taker on the red carpet so I was not surprised to see her in this Jumpsuit by Ulyana Sergeenko.  I liked the idea of a jumpsuit and the green looks superb on her HOWEVER, the round bust cups does not fit her at all but its not enough to look intentionally exaggerated.  While the brooch is a good idea but I feel like this look needs more statement jewellery either a cuff, a statement ring or earrings and a clutch to make it more oomph.  Also this look needs WAY MORE edgier hair and makeup and in order to work.  She looks like she ran out of time or forgot to hire a hair dresser for the event.


Tatiana Maslany in Bouchra Jarrar, in Fred Leighton jewelry, and Sophia Webster shoes

Tatiana Maslany in Bouchra Jarrar, in Fred Leighton jewelry, and Sophia Webster shoes

I always love a women in a suit because I find the androgyny super sexy and always appeciate any actress who goes that rout and I really love the idea of making a white suit look feminine and sexy. HOWEVER, the problem with this suit is the terrible fit- shes swimming in the suit which looks like its taped down to minimalise any nip slip. The trousers looks a few inches too big around the hips and that collar is way too big for her small frame.  Also I am so sick of seeing these shoes which is painful just looking at her. Also feel like the look needs a necklace or statement earrings because she looks a bit bare on top.  On the plus side- her hair and makeup looks beautiful and on point so this is a case of Good Idea ruined by bad tailoring.


Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham and Martin Katz jewelry Source: www.vogue.com

Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham and Martin Katz jewelry
Source: http://www.vogue.com

Even though I love the cut and silhouette on this Jenny Peckham dress on her and its styled perfectly, and her hair and makeup looks gorgous; My biggest problem with this look is that the cream coloured dress with her pale complexion and that particular shade of blonde hair completely washed out.  Eventhough I get nude coloured dresses will never go out of style on the red carpet but I will never be a fan of them because she looks naked from far away.  If this dress is in a different colour like an mint green or a baby blue, it would’ve definitely be a contender for best dressed.


Teyonah Parris in Francesca Miranda

Teyonah Parris in Francesca Miranda

Love the dress. Its a new take on the classic ballgown and  it fun, its flirty and the Polka Dotts made it dramatic and bold. Would’ve loved it more if the belt was plain black and I liked the fact that she kept the jewellery simple because the dress didn’t need it HOWEVER…the look is COMPLETELY ruined by the 80s style prom hair style. All she needs is a sash, a tiara with a bouquet of flowers and she is Miss America 1989. Such a big mistep because everything else looked beautiful.  This with something modern like a loose ponytail and she would’ve NAILED it.


Kiernan Shipka in Dior Haute Haute Couture

Kiernan Shipka in Dior Haute Haute Couture

This was on a lot of worst dressed lists and it almost made it to mine but I always applaud a young actress trying to take a fashion risk and not go to the pretty princess dress.  The yellow suits her and she looks great in the mini dress (even though I can’t get over the sheer yellow illusion neckline) but although I love Dior and Raf Simons but these cigeratte pants with the black heels look like they belong in a different outfit.  Sadly her face is too sweet to pull off a look which not even the fashion risk takers like Diane Kruger , Lupita N’gongo or Kerry Washington may even attempt.  Bravo for trying but baby steps darling.





While I get brand loyalty but for me, wearing a dress from the same collection at the same awards show- The Creative Arts Emmys Awards within 2 weeks is not the smartest move; especially if the first dress is far more beautiful than the second dress.  From neck up- she looks beautiful as usual.. But eventhough I love Altelier Versace but of all the dresses in the collection, she had to choose the sheer naked one. Really don’t get the frilly Austen Power esque half jacket because it looked like she forgot to put the other half on… for the first time I wish they just left that part on and leaving the naked dress naked.  The matching yellow shoes absolutely killed the look.  She looked like a half peeled banana.


Uzo Aduba in a Jonathan Cohen dress and Kwiat jewelry earrings

Uzo Aduba in a Jonathan Cohen Dress and Kwiat jewelry earring

You all know that Fuchsia is my all time favourite colour so really annoyed with the fact this dress ruined it. I don’t mind the neckline but the dress is sooooo stiff it looks like a make a prom dress out of unconventional materials challenge. The violet is not big enough to look intentional so it looks like a painted on mistake.  The hair looks like a bridesmaid.  Such a disappointment coming from a beautiful actress.


Worsed Dressed -Claire Danes in a Prada dress and Cartier jewelry

Claire Danes in a Prada Dress and Cartier jewelry

I’ve always loved Claire Danes for her unconventional choices on the red carpet but 60% of the time it doesn’t translate on the Red Carpet.  This is yet another example. I love the sequins and the colour but the neckline is just not flattering for her figure and looks like she is wearing a floor length apron from the front. The metal chains and eyelets feel too heavy against the sequins.  The matronly hair absolutely looks totally wrong with this outfit.  If Miley Cyrus wore this to the VMAs I probably would’ve loved it but definite not for Claire Danes for Emmys.


Kathryn Haan in Vivienne Westwood dress, Eva Fehren jewelry, and Rauwolf bag

Kathryn Haan in Vivienne Westwood dress, Eva Fehren jewelry, and Rauwolf bag

Project Runway Challenge: Design a red carpet dress made from fabrics found in a vintage furniture store.  The fit is all you need for any “are you pregnant?” rumors, Really hate the diagonal ruffles across her vagina, the hair and makeup is just wrong for the look.  The only thing which is relatively ok is these amazing shoes but even that doesn’t save such a hideous dress.


Joanna Newsom in a Delpozo dress

Joanna Newsom in a Delpozo dress

At first glance, this is a red carpet version of Princess Beetrice’s look at the Royal wedding. She looks like she is wearing the toilet cover on her chest.  Absolutely hate the stiff mullet dress with the chifton skirt underneath.  The grandma bun looks good if you are 80.  Absolute disaster….

Sorry about the LOOOONNNGGGG post.  Red Carpet post is always super long because theres always lots to discuss (bitch about)
Please let me know how you feel about this year’s Emmys fashion in the comments section.

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