Art have always been a major source of inspiration in fashion. Personally I’ve always  believe fashion is art which is worn on the body and as fashionistas, our bodies is a blank canvas which we use to express ourselves to create an artwork thru clothes every single day.

Last month, I’ve had the privilege to attend the opening exhibition of Artist Larry Bell at Pacific Place in Hong Kong.  The exhibition “Pacific Red”features three large-scale reflective glass cubes in red, to turn air and light into an aesthetic object. Each object send a shimmering, immersive effect throughout space and are completed as artworks when an individual interacts with them, producing countless reflections.

To celebrate this exhibition , PYE created a limited edition pajama top which made with new technology fabric — Dynamic Yarn and changes colours as the light hits the garment to reflect on the way Bell’s exhibition uses light to reflect on his art work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the past few seasons, pajamas and lounge wear have been an IT item on the runway for both mens and womenswear.  In a way, we are coming into a generation in fashion which the definition of garments are merging.  Pajamas are no longer just for sleeping and can be worn out on the streets with clever styling.

Since the PYE X LARRY BELL pajama top is made from the most gorgeous woven fabric, I’ve decided to treat it as a Knitwear cardigan.  Somehow it felt right to style it with a print shirt to create a mix of textures.  Wide leg cropped trousers kept the vibe of the outfit relaxed to compliment the idea of pajamas.  Miss matching socks with my initials by Lovie kept the outfit fun and embroidered Prada shoes finished off the outfit.

Decided to try some crazy posing and a slightly new backdrop to go with the “art” theme.

without further DOODAHs, Here are the photos.


SOCKS | LOVIE at Novelty Lane.








Hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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Pedder Red S/S 2015 Press Preview- Interview with the Campaign Art Director Queenie Rosita Law

Winter is coming to an end and Spring have finally arrived in Hong Kong.  For many its about storing the heavy jackets back into our closets.  For fashionistas its about the search for the Perfect summer wardrobe and one our the perks of being a fashion blogger is to be able to select our favourite pieces at press previews. Those who know me will know that one of my greatest obsessions in life are shoes. I love looking at women shoes and I love wearing mens so imagine my excitement when I was invited to Pedder Red Spring Summer 2015 Press Preview.

Pedder Red Press 1

The theme for the latest collection is “Secret Garden”.  A collection which includes a variety of styles from flats to ballerinas to sandals and heels in materials such as leather and plastic. Print was some of the key pieces include sporty loafers in lace and floral prints, Metallic strappy sandals with crystal applique and the most gorgeous pair of Stappy heels in blue suede and leather.  For me, these are the “flowers” against a range of neutral coloured shoes which really communicated the theme of “secret garden”




To present the collection, Pedder Red have hired local artist and photographer Queenie Rosita Law to do art direction for the lookbook and the  campaign and I’ve had the honor to conduct a short interview with her for this blog to have a further understanding behind the creative process of the wonderful campaign. So without further doodads, here is the full interview.

Conversation with Queenie Rosita Law- Art Director for Pedder Red Spring Summer 2015 Campaign.


TIMTIM : What is the inspiration behind the art direction of                                                                   this season’s campaign and how does it relate to the products in the new collection?

QUEENIE : The concept of this campaign is “Secret Garden” and we’ve chosen 5 images for this campaign to represent a 5 stages of this journey. Each shoe of the collection is a reflection of each stage of this series.

So the 1st stage is “Start” which features a pair of ballerina flats to represent a sense of beginning.

The 2nd is stage is “Steady” which features a pair of pumps cause a women being able to stand in a pair of pumps is very beautiful

The 3rd stage is “Run” which features a pair of floral slip on cause that is one of the sportier shoes in the collection.

The 4th is “Leap” which features a pair of metallic laced up flats which is very light and airy even though its in leather.

The 5th and final stage is “Land” which features the same pair of slip ons as “run” but in a black lace print to balance out the campaign.

In a way this is a very abstract and slightly darker take on the “secret garden” so theres no fairies or sparkles.  Mirror is used to communicate the concept of “Secret” because secrets are not fully covered, its a reflection of reality so mirrors are used to create a sense of distortion.

TIMTIM: What was the biggest challenge which you and your team came across during this project?

QUEENIE:  The biggest challenge is to tying the whole campaign together from concept to video to photography to lookbook to make it feel cohesive and having the same visual language even though we are working with different types of mediums from photography to graphics to 3D format such as video

TIMTIM: How do you define your design philosophy and your aesthetic and how does it reflect in this campaign?

QUEENIE:  I personally love to do a lot of photo imaging and collage work so the border frames around each image is photographed separately which is very simular to the work that I do.  Also the lookbook included some concept images with hand written text so these photos really reflect my own personal work as an artist.

TIMTIM: Many creative people in this field often struggle to find a balance between the art and commercial work. How do you find this balance?

QUEENIE:  As mentioned previously, in the ad campaign we have the photos which features the shoes which is more commercial but we also have the more artistic frames and concept photos so the balance is more about mixing the commercial with the art and make something beautiful out of it and also execute the concept in the best way possible.

TIMTIM: Which is your favourite photo in this campaign and why?

QUEENIE:  My favourite photos are “Run” and “Leap” not because of the final result cause metaphorically speaking “Run” is about running towards something you found in this journey while “Leap” is about jumping out of it while grasping what you found in this journey so I really like the meaning and feel of those 2 photos.

TIMTIM: What are your creative plans this year? Do you have any special projects which you have coming out this year?


QUEENIE: In the future I would love to work more with different brands to do different campaigns ’cause many brands are very product focused so its always interesting to be able to tell a story thru art for a commercial purpose. I would also love to do more of my own art work which explore imagination and reality. For example some of my work involve using polaroid photography but working thru it while the film is still developing to get this contrast between imagination and reality. This idea is almost used for this campaign but unfortunately its difficult to find this type of film but I would love to explore this concept of imagination and reality more thru my work. Hope you all enjoy this interview with the super talented Queenie, thanks so much for your time and for Pedder Red for making it happen. Its such an honour to get to know the creativity behind the beautiful work and I’ve learnt so much.


For updates of Queenie’s creative journey, please follow her blog and Instagram- productionq.   For latest updates and information for Pedder Red checkout their Facebook Page and follow their Instagram- pedderredoffical.

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READY TO DYE – a fun and colourful afternoon at Fashion Farm Foundation

The DIY culture in Hong Kong have grown tremendously in the past few years.  From cooking to making crafts and teddy bears to wearable accessories, the satisfaction of having made or cooked something by myself and share it with our friends or on instagram have made this a popular pass time for weekends and holidays.  It is also a nice and healthy (non alcohol related) indoor activity to do with friends and family which is why many companies began to provide 1 day DIY courses for their products. Which is why when Fashion Farm Foundation – a community in Hong Kong that unite designers, retailers, traders, & cultural practitioners, to develop and foster synergy between business, education, lifestyle and culture posted an ad for their Tie Dye workshop, I signed up right away.Ready to Dye @ FFFTie Dying is a resist fabric dying technique which creates patterns thru tieing the fabric to create patterns and dipped in dyes.  It is a technique which is popular in many tribal countries but made popular in the hippy culture in the 70s.  Having worked with that technique several times both in childhood and during my studies in university, I thought It would be fun to see how it is done in the professional world and share with you all on my blog. Which is why it was amazing to be taught by Ready To Dye – a Handmade Tie Dye business in Hong Kong who not only sell and collaborate with different companies in HK but also offer workshop to share their technique with the general public.  Before further doodas, Here is my journey and a brief sharing on how I made 2 tie dyed tees.

DIY Tie Dye Marble Print T-shirt in BTW-Workshop Colours
1- Soak the T-shirt (or any garment in cotton preferably white) in water



2- To create a “Marble pattern” Scrunch the fabric using your fabric slowly but toughly to create irregular “blobs” with the fabric. Secure the Form with elastic bands
Sculpting the Pattern

3- Ready To Dye uses powdered dyes for dying the fabric. Mix your favorite colours into squeezable plastic bottles. And Prepare your Tee-shirt on a metal board on top of a tray.Prepare to Dye

4- Dye Your Fabric using your desired colours and patterns. Make sure you start with your lighter colour before you do the dark colours especially if you are using black like me. Also make sure you dye both sides of the fabric. Place the finished product in the microwave for 1 minute for the dye to set. Wash the dye off in water and leave to dry for 3 days.Dying the Fabric

5-  My first creation using the BTW-Workshop Colours. ^^
Tie Dye Tee in BTW-Workshop Colours

For my second t-shirt I want to try a more traditional pattern in a classic ethnic style stripe print often seen using this technique.  What I did was roll the t-shirt into a long stripe then secured in elastic bands to create different stripe patterns.  Then I Dyed the T-shirt the way I did previously this time in earth tones from yellow to blue to green.Pattern 2

The result is a diagonally striped t-shirt in natural almost ethnic style colours.

It was such a fun afternoon and I’ve learnt so much from the amazing artists at Ready To Dye.  Can’t Wait to wear my own creations.  Also Thanks so much Fashion Farm Foundation for organizing this amazing workshop. If you are interested.  If you are in Hong Kong and want to find out more about Ready To Wear and Fashion Farm Foundation on their future projects. Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ready To Dye
FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/readytodyehk
INSTAGRAM | readytodye

Fashion Farm Foundation (fff)
FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/fashionfarmfoundation
INSTAGRAM | fashionfarmfoundation

Hope you enjoy my colorful and fun day.  Please feel free to comment on my creations.

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