FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #4 – #supportHKdesigners

Hong Kong Fashion Week have arrived again this year.

My followers on IG will know how much I support Hong Kong Fashion Brands. 80% of my wardrobe consist of Hong Kong Designs because I believe Hong Kong have such good quality and unique designs. The price of the clothes is close to better quality high street brands such as Cos but its better quality. Also since the quantities in production is smaller then high street it is less likely to clash clothes with other fashionistas at fashion events or parties. After becoming friends with some of the designers and knowing how hard they work on the collections (most designers create their own print) I’ve decided when I started blogging to try and feature more Hong Kong Design Talents.

For the 4th year in a row, Fashionally presented a fashion show featuring Spring Summer 2016 collections by 10 local fashion brands.  In general, there was a great balance between Creativity and Wearability. Japan seem to be a great influence to the designers with several brands using the theme in their collection. Soft textures mix with hard elements was featured in the womenswear. Green seems to be the colour of the season with many designers featuring colours of nature in all its forms.

Without further doodahs, Here are my favourite looks from all 10 collections.

Matt Hui
Instagram: matthui_studio

Matt Hui SS16

Really love the relaxed chic vibe of the collection. The fabrics feel very light and easy.  Really love the rich shades of forest green and olive which is not often seen in Spring.

112 mountainyam
Instagram: 112mountainyam

LR 112mountainyam SS16

A very strong showing featuring the designer’s signature play of mix of textures and fabrics.  Very surprised with how much I love the green print especially mixing it with another shade of green but it is a print which will look dramatic both from far away but up close.

Instagram: demofashionhk


A very strong menswear collection by one of my favourite menswear design brands in Hong Kong.  What makes those clothes so seductive is the fact that Demo understands that wearable does not mean boring. Its the tiny details – small cutouts on the shoulders, the pleats and buttons which makes classic menswear styles interesting.  CRAZY about the kimono inspired coat and I will die to wear everything in the collection.

Sherman Kwan
Instagram: sk_shermankwan


A very unique collection. I respect creativity and individualism but for me the strongest pieces are the more minimal pieces of the collection. The hats and the socks are TO DIE FOR.

Chloe Sung
Instagram: chloesungoffical

LR Chloe Sung SS16

A super chic and modern collection for my style sisters.  Eventhough I love drama but its also important for clothes that translate from office to happy hour for the busy fashionista.  Can really visualize some of these dresses at on a women at a bar on friday night looking fabulous.

Instagram: modement


Those of you will think TimTim is biased and will love this collection and wear most of it -yes you are right. Whats not to love about clothes which are easy to wear , unique yet dramatic? Really love the Japanese influence and the green and black is so chic.  Modement will always be a brand in Hong Kong who inspire me to rethink my style possibilities and once again this collection did exactly that.

Instagram: lapeeweefashion


A beautiful collection for the sassy sophisticated fashionistas.  There is something very New York and Carrie Bradshaw about this collection. Its chic but with interesting detail which makes it the perfect canvas for accessorising. Thanks so much for making aqua blue look amazingly chic.

Blind by JW
Instagram: blindbyjw


A super dreamy showing by the designers famous for their ethereal prints.  Really love how the brand show something a bit more dramatic and edgy than their previous collections. The mix of prints worked unexpectedly well together. CRAZY about the asian influenced headpieces. This collection is a fantasy and these are clothes which makes you want to never stop dreaming.

Kenax Leung
Instagram: kenaxleunghk


At first I was surprised how toned down the collection was but when I went back to the looks after the show, there was a sense of sophistication and lux element which I haven’t seen from the brand before.  Its a lot more streamlined and refined and the attention to details are done to perfection. There’s a very effortlessly cool yet sophisticated vibe about this collection which gives the beautiful clothes the “buy me” factor.

Instagram: hang_mimmak


There are many beautiful pieces in this unique collection but when this final look came out, everyone grasped. It is the definition of the perfect wedding dress for the edgy fashionista bride who wants to be glamorous.  It has traditional bridal elements – the tulle , the bows , the big skirt, the veil but deconstructed and reinterpreted in the most modern and unique way. So refreshing to see the Wedding Gown comeback to close the finale of a fashion show and to be able to do it perfectly takes a lot of guts for a designer.

Anyway hope you enjoy my fashion review on this season’s fashionally fashion show.  Good Show to all the designers.

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CUPIDS WORKSHOP DAY 1 – Learn to create the perfect feminine dinner date hairdo.

Valentines day may be over for this year but this year I had the honor to play cupid for fashionistas in Hong Kong.  Ever since I became a fashion blogger I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Hong Kong fashion designers to bond hair with fashion.  The idea began during happy hour drinks in the beginning of the year with my dear friends Walter and Jessica- founders of Hong Kong Fashion brand Blind By JW and there was a conversation with the stress to buy the perfect gift for Valentines Day.  Working with that idea, we decided to do a 2 day Outdoor Workshop and Markets which promotes Hong Kong Design and targets fashionistas who needs to do last minute shopping for Valentines Day or Chinese New Year.


Cupids Workshop is an outdoor markets which features Hong Kong Design Brands – Blind by JW , R1476 , Pomch and BTW-Workshop at Hong Kong creative hub – PMQ .  We are lucky to have the support from the stylish Hair care brand – AMIKA to sponsor us the latest Hair products and tools to use.  Amika’s products are amazing because their mission is to provide products which create Healthy hair with the least amount of time using beautiful stylish printed product.  For BTW-Workshop I ‘ve decided to do a Hair Demonstration Workshop for a semi formal evening dinner date which features these amazing products by Amika.


Without further Doodahs here is a step by step guide to My Hair Demonstration for Day 1 of Cupids Workshop.



STEP 1 – Prep the hair by applying Amika’s Obliphica Heat Defense Serum with your hands and blow dry using The Power Cloud Pro Dryer in low heat setting. This provides a layer of heat protection to your hair from the hot styling tools we will use later on.

STEP 2 – In small sections apply Obliphica Blow Up Spray from roots to ends and blow dry using a round brush.  This brings volume for your roots without the need to back comb the hair.

STEP 3 – Section the hair by tying the hair in 5 ponytails. This helps us shorten the time we need for curling the hair especially for girls with super long and thick hair.  If you don’t have alot of hair you can skip this step.

STEP 4 – To curl the hair using a flat iron, pull 1 inch section from one of the ponytails at the back. Using the Fusion Titanium Styler , slowly run the styler down the strand of hair, flipping and rotating the styler as you go. You may need to repeat this step several times depending on your hair type and how well you prepped your hair- Watch the official tutorial here.

STEP 5 – Repeat this step until all the ponytails are curled. This may take time and practice for first timers.

STEP 6– Release the ponytails and lightly spray the hair with the Undone Texture Hairspray.  This holds the curls without making the hair too hard, making it easier to work with during styling.

STEP 7– To create a messy braided side bun, take the section from the smaller side your side part to the top of the ear and create a diagonal french braid stop the other side stopping below the ear. Tie the ends with an elastic to create a mini ponytail. Make sure to loosely pull each strand out to make the look loose and fresh.


STEP 8– Create a loose french braid with the larger section of your parting , pulling out random strands as you go, this time braiding till the end. Secure the end with a bobby pin.


STEP 9: Create a loose french braid with the remaining section of the hair. Secure the ends with a bobby pin.LRStep9

STEP 10: To create the bun, wrap the fringe braid and the back french braid around each other to combine them in to one. Loosely create a spiral effect pulling out strands of hair out randomly and place the bun on the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins.LRSTEP10

STEP 11: Finish off with Amika’s Touchable Finish Spray likely scrunching bits of curls and pulling random strands of hair out to create a messy yet romantic effect.


Dazzle off this hair style with your favourite hair accessory- Jasmine is wearing “Pins of Romance” hairclips from BTW-WORKSHOP X KOITE  accessories collection.



Here is Beautiful Jasmine Wu wearing a collaboration between 3 of our local brands
Jacket, Dress and Clutch by Blind by JW
Belt by R1476
Hair By BTW-Workshop


Once again special thanks to Amika for The Support with the amazing products and everyone from all the labels involved for this event. Also a big thank you to the most amazing model- my dear friend Jasmine for being our wonderful model during the workshop. Its such an honor being able to work with you again. Looking forward to working together soon.


Thats it for now. For the latest updates of each of all the different brands involved, don’t forget to follow our facebook pages by clicking on the links above or follow the following Instagrams for instant updates.


Sorry for much for such a long post.  Feel like I need to make up for it since I’ve haven’t updated in a long time.  Don’t forget to follow my personal instagram for my latest photo updates.

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