THE PRINCESS WARDROBE – photoshoot featuring clothes from Topshop

Very early on in every women s life, there will always be a fairytale princess which brought a lot of joy and dreams into their childhood.  The idea that they will be beautiful who goes thru many challenges in life then the perfect prince comes along and they will end up happily ever after in a beautiful dress.  Even though as we grow up, we realise this is so far from reality however the closest we can ever become a princess is to have the beautiful wardrobe.
In every Decade, there will be a style icon by a royal princess who’s fashion style will influence the fashion trend of that decade. In the 1950s, we have Grace Kelly – Princess Grace of Monoco who’s classic streamline style was copied by women of that era. In The 80s-90s , we had the late Princess Diana who’s haircut and glamourous evening wear was replicated into high street chain stalls all over the world.  Most recently we have Princess Kate Middleton who’s effortless and often affordable fashion choices earned her a spot as one of our style icons of this decade.
Inspired by this Princess Trend, my team and I have decided to do a photoshoot featuring clothes by Topshop . inspired by Cinderella,what will Cinderella wear if she gets inspired fellow princesses and style icons doing her princess duties?


MODEL | Bruna.M | Starzpeople
HAIR | Tim Wong | BTW-Workshop
MAKEUP | Miu Tse | BTW-Workshop
STYLING | Tim Wong | BTW-Workshop
PHOTOGRAPHY | Victoria Chan | Victoria Chan Photography


For the first look, we are inspired by the question what will Cinderella wear if she enters the library and the world of Belle from Beauty and the Beast?  A mint green round collared sleeveless blouse was paired with a white jaquared a-line cotton skirt to create a princess like girly silhouette which is still wearable and modern.  Hair was parted in the center and pulled back intro a long, ponytail like chignon topped with a tiara headband by Accessorize to create a whimsy yet simpie look- almost like she did it herself.look1closeup

What will Cinderella wear if she goes out on press tours during the day? Knitted Tee and pencil skirt in Cinderella’s signature colour pastel blue is paired together to create a modern shift dress. Inspired by Jackie O, the look is topped with a tweed jacket in Pink and black to create a more tailored look for fornmal day Princess duties

Hair is set in a side part, curled and twisted leaving the ends loose to create a shorted hair do. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair who wants to try short hair without the need of a haircut.

What will Cinderella wear if she goes out to a tea party in the woods? A Black and White Checked top to mimic the print of a picnic carpet.  A dusky pink tea length ballad skirt makes the look modern , feminine and practical for sitting down.  The hair is pulled up and finished off with 2 bands of crystals to replicate a modern version of the classic Cinderella Updo.


So thats the end of the shoot. Hope you enjoy the photos my team and I created for you this week.  For more photo shoots by me and my team, follow my blog  for future posts for behind the scene post of the concept of the photos.  For my daily post of our editorial work, check our BTW-Workshop facebook page.

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Luminous Elegance -~ Classic Party Hair Styles with a twist.

As a hair stylist , One of the most frequently asked questions is what is the trend for hairstyles this fall?  It is a very subjective question because there are so many hairstyles presented both on the runways, editorials and hair shows.  There is also the questions of the translation from runway to the every day runway so I never really have an answer for that question since in Coco Chanel’s famous words “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” .

However, every season I try to bring a twist to few classic styles so my clients don’t get bored. That’s why my team and I decided to do a photo shoot using those classic hairstyles but bringing a new twist to the styles we know and love.


The theme of this series is “Luminous Elegance”.  For the past decade one general hair trend for women all over the world is for the hair to look healthy , smooth and shiny without too much or too heavy product. We also want to keep the hairstyle relatively simple (apart from one avant-garde style) so we chose a model with beautiful jet black hair for this shoot.  So without too much chitchat, here are the results.


MODEL | Gisele P | Calcarries Models
HAIR | Tim Wong | BTW-Workshop
MAKEUP | Teresa Ng | Teresa Make Up
PHOTOGRAPHY | Victoria Chan | Victoria Chan Photography


The Pony-tail could be one of the first hairstyles which a girl have ever had in their lives. Its a classic style which is good for both day and evening.  To update this classic, the front section is swept to one side, braided and wrapped around in circles to create a mini bun. The rest of the hair is straightened tied back into a ponytail to create this classic with a modern twist.


The  Chignon is one of the most classic hairstyles for evening hair dressing. One of the problems I found in this style is the fact that it never looks good from the front.  To solve this problem I’ve decided to put the hair in a side part then pull the hair into a ponytail on the nape of one side of the neck.  The hair is then braided into a 4 strand round braid then pinned to the opposite side of the forehead to hide the side part.  It is an elegant chignon style which looks good from all angles.


One of the most requested hairstyles especially for asian girls is to have their hair down. We wanted to make it look more polished by keeping the hair straight. The hair is styled in 3 sections. The side sections are swept back in a small, tight ponytail. The top section is swept back to keep the focus on the face making it look super clean and elegant.


As a hair stylist, sometimes we try to push our creativity and to experiment with new techniques ,silhouettes and products to create hairstyles which may not be every day women but looks amazing in editorial photo shoots.  This hair style is created with hair extensions transformed into the form of fabric. Really want to try to create a style which looks like a hairpiece created out of hair.

So thats the end of the shoot. Hope you enjoy the photos my team and I created for you this week.  For more photo shoots by me and my team, follow my blog  for future posts for behind the scene post of the concept of the photos.  For my daily post of our editorial work, check our BTW-Workshop facebook page.

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The New Vintage~ Here Comes The Bride

In every decade, the bridal industry will have an icon who defines the way woman want to gets dressed on their special day.  Who can forget Princess Diana who created the trend of Big dresses with Puffy Sleeves in the 80s, Victoria Beckham’s minimalist princess creation by the iconic mother of bridal Vera Wang in the 90s who left brides trying to alter their bodies to fit into the gowns; or Gwen Stefani ‘s hand dipped creation by John Galliano who proved to rockchicks all over the world that they can still be unique yet elegant on their special day.
If I have to pick an Icon for this decade, it will be Kate Middleton’s Long Sleeve creation by Sarah Burton, Inspired by another Icon Grace Kelly the modest dress have caused many bridal designers to add lace and place sleeves onto their designs, for brides to choose vintage style wedding dress on their big day.
Inspired by this trend, my BTW-WORKSHOP team have put together 3 looks which will hopefully inspire my style sisters and my style brother’s other half in the future.

The Ethereal Bride– Dress by  La Comme Vintage Bridal
ethereal bride 1
This beautiful high neck empire waist dress features a flowy skirt made out of layers of chifton and satin, the hem is embroidered with lace appliqué. Its a very flattering dress for many body types, beautiful for brides who loves to look young and fresh.
Ethereal Bride
To match this look, our makeup artist Ash Lee decided to use natural earth tones to match the model’s gorgous brunette hair colour. The hair is kept loose and simple with a crown of fishtail braids accented with hair gems availible at Accessorize .Etheraal Bride  Mermaid

The Feminine Mermaid– Dress by Blink CoutureVintage Mermaid
For girls who love to look sexy and feminine, this dress may be the perfect option. from the elegant asian collar in sheer chifton, the low cut lace bodice, the body hugging lace silhouette to the sexy embroidery at the back, this dress will make a dramatic exit while saying your vows at the aisle.
Vintage Mermaid 1
For the Makeup for this look, Makeup artist Ash Lee created a dramatic smoky eyes accented with glossy nude lip to create a dramatic evening look. The hair is put up in a large free form chignon placed at the side to accent the face for photographs
Feminine Mermaid Beauty

The Society Girl– Dress by La Comme Vintage Bridal
This simple A-line Dress created out of chifton with Lace sleeves is perfect for the society girl who wants to look timeless and modern on their big day. The movement of the skirt creates lots of drama yet keeping it simple and modern. It is also a dress which can be easily taken to the after party or cocktails paired with a simple white blazer.Society Girl
To add drama to this look, makeup Artist Ash Lee contoured the eyes using Chocolate brown eye shadow, finished with a Matte Red Lip. The hair is braided with the help of hair extensions then knotted into a simple low chignon. The Vintage Style hat is custom made in Taiwan for a modern take of a classic veil.
Society Bride Beauty
Hope you enjoy our picks for Bridal Fashion this year.
Model: Anastacia Rudakova | Quest Models
Hair: TimTim Wong | BTW-Workshop
Makeup: Ash Lee | BTW-Workshop
Photo: Victoria Chan | Victoria Chan Photography
Lighting: Harris Hui

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