Sorry for being MIA for a while interms of blogging.

Have been super busy juggling with life as a hair stylist , blogger and fashion designer.  Yes I am proud to happily announce that the first collection of my fashion label BTW3 have officially launched.  Its been a very long creative journey and I feel so blessed to have so much support from followers , fellow designers and of course my amazing team who helped me so much along the way.  Which is why I would like to come back to this blog by sharing an OOTD streetsnap post featuring one of my favourite pieces of the collection.

While designing my first collection for BTW3, somehow it felt right to design clothes from my off duty wardrobe- wearable, timeless clothing which can be worn to work or to brunch on weekends.  Diane Von Furstenberg have once said, “Good Clothing should be like friends and throughout the years, your wardrobe will be a collection of “friends” which will come back and make you feel good about yourself whenever you need them”.  I really want BTW3 to be a collection of “Friends for Life” for my customers in the future.

On the other hand every season, it is important for me to produce an item which I can be creative and push myself as a fashion designer.  With Collection 1 my “Deconstructed Checkered Sweater” is the creative piece in the collection.
Playing with the idea of the classic checkered knit sweater, I’ve moved the classic V neck towards one side so it looks like a TICK or asymmetric V  then rotated the checkered print in the opposite direction. The contrasting of the plaid extends to the sleeve so it almost looks like the sleeve is woven into the sweater.  The sweater comes in 2 other colour ways but for my first OOTD post featuring my own design on this blog, I’ve decided to go with the one with HOT PINK- my favourite colour with green.  A white shirt, pink jeans, black Prada shoes and a pair of pink and purple KENAX LEUNG sunnies finish my bold take to a classic menswear look.
Without further Doodahs here are the photos.





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#OOTD – Oriental Garden

Fashion Labels.
Every fashionista will always have their favourite fashion designers and design labels even though I know there’s always the old saying that style is about what the garment looks like not what is the name on the label tag.
My followers on Instagram and here on my blog will know that I sometimes play favorites with designers both in Hong Kong and Internationally because I find it impossible to just buy 1 item if I love the whole collection, which is why I always get so excited when I discover a new designer who I fell in love with at a fashion show and the excitement increased when it came from a student fashion show.
Those of you who have read my previous post will know that I was extremely impressed with the level of talent of the menswear at Raffles College Fashion Show at Hong Kong Fashion Week. Out of the 4 collection there was 1 collection who I fell in love with from the moment I saw the pieces at the press preview party before the show and truly delivered on the runway.
Ahtram by Martha Sartika is a final year fashion design student who presented her pre-collection at Raffles Fashion Show this year.  You all know that I will always have a true love for prints especially digital print on prints so the looks caught my eye straight away.  Martha’s biggest talent as a designer is the fact that she understands wearability yet brings creativity to the clothes thru her prints and adding her own design details such as pleats and appliques. Which is why I was so honored to wear a few pieces for this photo shoot so soon after the fashion show.
For this outfit, I chose a printed tee in the most gorgeous shades of purple over a black shirt , a pair of pleated denim shorts and a mixed print and denim bomber jacket which felt like a work of art.  A pair of printed shorts, cargo boots and a Liberty weekend bag I got from my recent trip to London Completed the look.  Although this smart casual style is my typical work uniform, but this version of print on print felt abit more masculine than my usual choices.  Also I don’t usually do denim because it is usually too raw and casual for my taste but the details in the shorts made them feel more sophisticated.
Without further Doodahs, here are the photos ^^

 Oriental Garden

Shirt | Topman
Tee | Ahtram
Shorts | Ahtram
Jacket | Ahtram
Socks | Happy Socks
Boots | Trickers
Bag | Liberty

Athram 1

Athram 2

Athram 3

Athram 4

Athram 5

Athram 6

Athram 8

Athram 9

Athram 9

Athram 10

Athram 11

LR athram 13

Hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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#OOTD -The New Animal Print

Every summer, my fashion brothers and I often struggle to find something appropriate to wear to special occasion and semi – formal to wear because it needs to look Smart, Cool enough to not sweat yet try to make an editioral statement. (Style sisters often have a similar problem in Winter).

For me, My usual smart casual /semi formal party gear often include a dress code of a Crisp Shirt, Tailored Shorts or Cropped trousers, A waistcoat (to replace the blazer) a nice tie, a printed pair of socks finished off with a good pair of shoes.

Which is why during my recent trip to London, Liberty became one of the must go places on my list of where to shop. Many of my followers on Instagram will know that I’ve always had a love for prints. I love them because it is the quickest way to make a fashion statement on any occasion especially in summer. I’ve always loved the prints from Liberty London because they are unique , often have a slight hand drawn asethetic and often have a cute touch to it. Also they are often not available anywhere else in the world. Which is why instead of spending my shopping budget on Designer Clothes I can find in HK, I chose to spend it on Fabrics instead to have a unique London Fashion Experience.

LR ootd new animal print 1

The First Print I chose to ask my tailor in Hong Kong to turn into clothes features different animals that you can find in the zoo rendered in cool colours such as purples , blues and greys.  The thing I love about this print is that up close you can find human accessories such as Giraffes wearing converse sneakers, birds wearing socks and Elephants carrying a briefcase.  With this beautiful print my tailors at Mijosu turned it into a pair of tailored shorts , a waistcoat and tie to create the perfect summer party outfit.  The total effect reminds me a little bit of one of my favourite childhood storybook characters Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.
Without further Doodahs, Here is the photoshoot.


Shirt – Modement
Shorts | Waistcoat | Tie – Mijosu featuring Fabric by Liberty London
Socks | Topman
Shoes | Trickers
Wallet | Liberty London

lr ootd new animal print 8

LR ootd new animal print 3

LR ootd new animal print 4


LR ootd new animal print 6

LR ootd new animal print 10

LR ootd new animal print 2

LR ootd new animal print 5

LR ootd new animal print 7

LR ootd new animal print 9

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