As young men, I’ve always loved looking at Celebrities on the red carpet at awards shows.  Most of the time I am more interested in watching the red carpet than the actual awards show. Which is why, even though I’ve never watched a full MTV’s Video Music Awards, I’ve spent the yesterday looking at what the celebrities wore on the Red Carpet this year.
Unlike The Film or TV Awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys) Shows which calls for formal and glamour evening wear, Music Awards shows are usually more fun & kirky and its a red carpet which Artists, Musicians and Celebrities can really express their own style and take risks with fashion (both in terms of style or press attention) so sometimes a lot of the looks are either Yay or Nay.
At this year’s VMAs , the fashion choices in general for me is a tad on the disappointing side.  Maybe because with the absence of the Fashion Risk Taking big names like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga and the Glamazons like Beyonce or J.Lo , there seem to be a lack of good fashion wow moments or dramatic fashion risk taking. In general, for me the Red Carpet have only a view best dressed and a lot of either bad or bla looks and a bunch who just dressed to get people talking in the press.
So without further Doodahs, Here is my review of some of the fashion moments at the VMAS this year. (Warning: long post but please read it all to get to the WTFs )


The Good - Taylor Swift in Ashish

Taylor Swift in Ashish- photo by Getty Image

Even though this was on a lot of worst dressed lists, but I love this look on Taylor because this feel like a departure from her usual long glamorous evening dresses on the red carpet.  This is a personal fashion risk for going sporty glam.  I really love the sequined cropped top pair with sparkly sweat pants.  The shoes are to die for and gives a wink to the outfit without being too matchy.  The effortless pony tail is perfect for the look.  My only complain is that the eye makeup feels too long making her eyes look wider than it is, but overall its an edgy and glamorous surprise coming from her.

FKA TWIGS IN Atelier Versace and Eva Fehren Jewellery. Photo: Getty Images

FKA TWIGS in Atelier Versace and Eva Fehren Jewellery. Photo: Getty Images

Usually I am not a fan of Sheer Evening Dresses but FKA’s Altelier Versace gown is one of the most dramatic and glamorous dresses last night.  Its super sexy without being vulgar.  Really love the softness of the chifton against the hardness of the lines in the corset details. Really happy that she decided to incorporate her sequinned bra and panties as part of the look unlike the “naked trend” we’ve been seeing on the red carpet all year. The big big hair with the glamorous makeup with the pop of red lip.  It is the most refined and effortless look we’ve seen from FKA in a long time.

Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Khan Photo by Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Khan
Photo by Getty Images

Soft Bohemian Chic.  Really love what Vaness Hudgen brought to the red carpet last night with this Beautiful evening gown by Naeem Khan.  The floral applicque against the dusty pink made it so romantic and feminine.  The Plunging Neckline gave the dress a bit of sex appeal.  Really love how the braided beach waves, the jewellery and the vintage style clutch gave the look a hippy vibe cause if she had her hair up and wore diamonds , it would just a typical ballgown look.  Against a red carpet of bling, glitz and crazy colors, this stood out on the red carpet ’cause its so different.

Lasichan and Pharell Williams Photo by Getty Images

Lasichan and Pharell Williams
Photo by Getty Images

I wasn’t sure about these looks at first glance because It felt too casual for this event and I am not a fan of denim but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. He looked impeccible and I loved the fact that even though the vibe is casual but he kept everything slick and tailored. Really glad he didn’t go the ripped denim road.  Her denim shirt with denim overalls is the perfect compliment to his look.  The Chanel Clutch gave it a bit of edge.  I only wish her shoe laces matched then it would’ve been perfect.  But even  though the looks seem casual but its done in such a unique and sophisticated way.  Together they looked effortless yet dramatic at the same time.

Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent and Stuart Weitzman shoes

Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent and Stuart Weitzman shoes Photo: Getty Images

Really love the star printed fringed Saint Laurent mini dress.  Some may say its not dramatic enough but Cara is a chilled It girl who always wants to look edgy and cool with a hint of darkness so this girl is perfect for her.  The stars and the fringe gave it drama while the super short length gives it sex appeal without being vulgar.  It feels very modern day flapper with an edge.The effortless hair and makeup is beautiful. She knows her style and she is doing her version for the VMAs.


Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa copy Photo: getty

Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa
Photo: getty

I love Marchesa but YAWNNNNNNN…. soooo over the naked dress trend on the red carpet to a point I want to start a #sayyestopanties hashtag on instagram.  Although I don’t mind the detailing on the halter, but when you see side boob from the front, your boobs are too big for the dress.  The hair and make up is lack luster and also please put some panties on.

 Gigi Hadid in Emilia Wickstead Photo: getty

Gigi Hadid in Emilia Wickstead Photo: getty

I love her tan and her makeup looks good but this feel more pool side party than red carpet.  She looks like she thru a jacket over her swimsuit and rushed to the vmas.  Really don’t get the exposed crotch under the slit.  I think this dress would’ve been better if its floor lengh with a side slit.  Not sure this shade of orange goes with her beautiful glow.

The Bad Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne in Alexander Wang photo: getty

In theory, this is a black pinstriped jumpsuit would’ve been quite chic on Kelly. Loved the hair and make up but the fit with the sheer fabric makes it look sloppy and enter pajama territory. This also needs more statement jewellery to amp it up so it matches the amazing hair.  If this is more tailored and had more structure, had a belt and with more dramatic accessory, it would not have been as bad as what everyone made it to be. Have to admit I am disappointed because usually I am a fan of her unique style.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

This probably would’ve been on the best dressed list for VMAs 1995.  The matching bra under the sheer top is sooooooo 90s.  I get she has abs but do you need to show it every time you are on the red carpet?  I don’t mind the bottom half cause the pants are tailored well and the shoes look good but if you are gonna wear so much red, why does your lipstick don’t match the outfit?  It looks like she just drank water and forgot to retouch her lipstick.  I get shes not into fashion but shes rich enough to hire a stylist for the VMAs.

UGLY Jeannie Mai

UGLY Jeannie Mai Photo: getty

I love prints but this is just butt ugly.  This looks like a bottom entry for project runway challeng with the brief : design a red carpet dress out of materials you find from recycled garbage.  Really don’t get the stars with the flowers and the birds with the BIG 25 number.  The gold jewellery just took it to tacky level.  The prissy prom style hair is just wrong with this trashy disaster of an outfit.


Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

While I respect the concept of bullying on an outfit – VMAs really is the time to do it but this is just attention seeking for me.  The mismatch nude fabric takes it to cartoonville, also why doe it match the colour of Blac’s hair and not her skin?  Also If amber is gonna make this statement then why is she wearing cocktail hour shoes?  They look more like they are making a statement about Kim Kardashian more than about online haters.

Frankie Grande Photo: getty

Frankie Grande
Photo: getty

I love bling and I 100% support men making fashion statement on the red carpet but the flamboyant hair with the sparkly makeup with the glittered chest made this super tacky and cheap.  He looks like a backup dancer at the Mardi Gras parade. I like men who dare to wear suit without shirt but I can never agree to pairing it with your underwear worn as pants.

Miley Cyrus in Atelier Versace photo: getty

Miley Cyrus in Atelier Versace
photo: getty

So over Miley Cyrus and her attention seeking fabrics scarps she wears.  Lady Gaga have done it but at least when she did it, it has concept and drama.  Being barely naked in Couture scraps to make head line is just telling people to look at you.  I get that she is trying to make ppl forget about her Hanna Montana days but doing 180 just makes us remember that she used to star in a Disney movie.  I love Atelier Versace but thanks for ruining one of my favourite boots this season.

Baddie Winkle photo- getty

Baddie Winkle
photo- getty

This would’ve looked perfect on Miley Cyrus with the Versace boots and made her best dressed.  The only excuse an elderly women can walk out in public with this look is if they use this outfit to dress up as Miley Cyrus as a Halloween Costume. Maybe she is knowing Miley is the host.

Z Lala in Merlin Castell photo: getty

Z Lala in Merlin Castell
photo: getty

When this first came out, many people throught it was Dior Haute Couture 2004 by John Galliano but infact it is a rip off.  The designer proudly credited himself on Instagram last night.  Big no in my books no matter how dramatic it is. I don’t mind inspiration but DIRECT COPY is plagiarism and Dior should sue him for copying one of the most iconic looks from one of the most memorable collections ever.  The only thing this look did to me is that it made me know who Z La La is- a new star trying to copy Lady Gaga.

Any sorry about the LOOOONNNGGGG post.  Will keep it shorter next time.
Please let me know how you feel about this year’s VMAs fashion in the comments section.

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#OOTD – Oriental Garden

Fashion Labels.
Every fashionista will always have their favourite fashion designers and design labels even though I know there’s always the old saying that style is about what the garment looks like not what is the name on the label tag.
My followers on Instagram and here on my blog will know that I sometimes play favorites with designers both in Hong Kong and Internationally because I find it impossible to just buy 1 item if I love the whole collection, which is why I always get so excited when I discover a new designer who I fell in love with at a fashion show and the excitement increased when it came from a student fashion show.
Those of you who have read my previous post will know that I was extremely impressed with the level of talent of the menswear at Raffles College Fashion Show at Hong Kong Fashion Week. Out of the 4 collection there was 1 collection who I fell in love with from the moment I saw the pieces at the press preview party before the show and truly delivered on the runway.
Ahtram by Martha Sartika is a final year fashion design student who presented her pre-collection at Raffles Fashion Show this year.  You all know that I will always have a true love for prints especially digital print on prints so the looks caught my eye straight away.  Martha’s biggest talent as a designer is the fact that she understands wearability yet brings creativity to the clothes thru her prints and adding her own design details such as pleats and appliques. Which is why I was so honored to wear a few pieces for this photo shoot so soon after the fashion show.
For this outfit, I chose a printed tee in the most gorgeous shades of purple over a black shirt , a pair of pleated denim shorts and a mixed print and denim bomber jacket which felt like a work of art.  A pair of printed shorts, cargo boots and a Liberty weekend bag I got from my recent trip to London Completed the look.  Although this smart casual style is my typical work uniform, but this version of print on print felt abit more masculine than my usual choices.  Also I don’t usually do denim because it is usually too raw and casual for my taste but the details in the shorts made them feel more sophisticated.
Without further Doodahs, here are the photos ^^

 Oriental Garden

Shirt | Topman
Tee | Ahtram
Shorts | Ahtram
Jacket | Ahtram
Socks | Happy Socks
Boots | Trickers
Bag | Liberty

Athram 1

Athram 2

Athram 3

Athram 4

Athram 5

Athram 6

Athram 8

Athram 9

Athram 9

Athram 10

Athram 11

LR athram 13

Hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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Raffles 2015 Fashion Show -The Future of Menswear in Asia

When I was young I’ve always wanted to study fashion in university. But with certain circumstances it never happened so every time I am invited to sit front row at a Design College Fashion Show, I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like if I had the chance to present my first mini collection at my first fashion show in College.

For the second year in a row, Raffles International College presented their Graduation Fashion Show at Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016.  Like the previous year, the designs featuring work by students across Asia was exceptional with Contemporary Womens wear being featured in several of the student’s collections. However, the biggest surprise was the level of creativity and craftsmanship menswear collections since we don’t often see a lot of menswear in a lot of graduation fashion shows and design competitions. Maybe because of the fact that sadly, we live in an industry which traditionally its very womens wear based and in comparison,menswear is often neglected. So I always have a lot of respect for students who attempts menswear.

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

For Raffles Fashion Show 2015 , there was 4 collections which featured menswear with Athram by Martha Sartika presenting a super wearable daywear capsule collection , Rickky Wong presenting a unique avant garde unisex collection and The Winner of the Special Creativity Award Tommy Chong presenting a Japanese inspired contemporary menswear collection.  Last year’s “Collection of the year” winner :8CUFF by Sue Suh returned to the runway with a Korean Inspired Street wear Collection which will definitely win the hearts and the credit card bills of many fashion brothers in the room.

Without further Doodahs, Here is my review of the Menswear at Raffles Fashion Show 2015.

“Overshadow |  Indistinct” by ATHRAM

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Model showcases design Extrication by Tommy Chong during the Visceral Instinct show by Raffles Hong Kong as part of the Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 at the Hong Kong Convenition and Exhibition Centre on 08 July 2015 in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Victor Fraile / illume visuals

For this show, Final year Jakata Student  Martha Sartika  presented a captule collection for her Clothing label Athram inspired by 90s Old school Jungle subculture.
Even though this is a small collection consist of 4 looks but this is one of my favourite collections of the show because it has the perfect balance between creativity and wearability – something which we don’t often see in fashion shows.  I really loved the fact that Martha have used classic wardrobe staples in a men’s wardrobe but gave it her own spin by adding details such as pleating and geometric appliques.  The prints adds a sense of character and boldness into the clothes.  The denim was a highlight because its used and tailored in such a sophisticated way.  The magic about this collection is the fact that it is creative yet not confronting and these are clothes which I can visualize selling in shops right now.  I had the privilege to wear some of these pieces at an event last week so stay tuned for an up coming #ootd blog post.  Congrats to Martha on an amazing pre-collection, can’t wait to see how she develops these pieces into her graduation collection.

“La Soif de L’Amour – L’Éternité” by Rickyy Wong

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Model showcases design Extrication by Tommy Chong during the Visceral Instinct show by Raffles Hong Kong as part of the Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 at the Hong Kong Convenition and Exhibition Centre on 08 July 2015 in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Victor Fraile / illume visuals

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong , Graduate Student Rickyy Wong presented a unisex collection inspired by the fourth painting (The Love Letter) in the series of paintings ‘The Progress of Love’, painted in 1770 by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

What I loved about this collection is the fact that the silhouettes feel very now.  These are androgynous clothes which are being worn by fashionistas who dare to go this direction.  What made it unique and innovative is the juxtaposition of softness- the light pastel colour palette , the sheer light flowy fabrics, the fluffiness of the wool and feather caps mixed against the hard – heavy pleating, the silhouettes of the necklines , the strong design lines , the straight, clean silhouettes to the street fashion inspired styling.  To many designers, androgyny usually mean women in black suits or men in skirts but Rickyy managed to interpret this theme in such an innovative way.  The collection really made us rethink about the definition of androgyny and when it comes from a fresh graduate, that’s what you call true talent.

“Extrication” by Tommy Chong 

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Model showcases design Extrication by Tommy Chong during the Visceral Instinct show by Raffles Hong Kong as part of the Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 at the Hong Kong Convenition and Exhibition Centre on 08 July 2015 in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Victor Fraile / illume visuals

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

The Hong Kong based graduate student Tommy Chong won the Special Creativity Award with this menswear collection inspired by Botticeli’s ‘’Map of Hell’’ and Japanese novel, ‘’Kawaki’’.

The prize was well deserved because there is a clear connection between the inspiration in the designs.  What’s special about this collection is that even though these clothes are editorial however when you look at these pieces individually there are pieces which can be worn with more toned down pieces in a men’s wardrobe. Really love the blazer like bibs which was a clear element in the collection because it feels like a new way to wear blazers in warmer weather.  Tailoring was very strong in this collection as seen in the black and grey blazer which for me is one of my favourite jackets in the entire fashion show. I really love the juxtaposition of the traditional Japanese influence against the classic European tailoring.  Call me biased but I am CRAZY about that creamy pink fabric with art deco print.  It is not easy for menswear designers to design clothes which show skin without looking gay or camp and the looks which show skin actually look masculine by keeping the accessorizing clean.  The looks have a lot of details but still looks polish and sophisticated.  Congrats to Tommy for the Win, can’t wait to see this young talent shine in the industry.

“The Great Kim” by 8:CUFF

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 -Visceral Instinct by Raffles Hong Kong

Model showcases design Extrication by Tommy Chong during the Visceral Instinct show by Raffles Hong Kong as part of the Fashion Week for Spring / Summer 2015 at the Hong Kong Convenition and Exhibition Centre on 08 July 2015 in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Victor Fraile / illume visuals

Last year’s “Brand Ready Award’ and the ‘Collection of the Year Award’ winner Sue Suh closed the fashion show with the latest collection for her design label – 8:CUFF. What I loved about this collection is the fact there is a military influence interpreted in the most modern and urban way.  Instead of expected military jackets , Sue interpreted the inspiration into the Brand’s signature aesthetic- thru prints and street wear.  My favourite pieces of the collection is the opening look – a flowy layered yet tailored ensemble in white, the boxy jacket rendered in olive green suede – its very tough looking even though its presented in a very over sized relaxed silhouette , A printed vest rendered in leather was incredibly executed – it was literally a wearable painting .

Even though it was only 8 looks, there was an exceptional range of different pieces from shirts , tees and sweaters , shorts and trousers, jackets, coats and vest.  Almost every piece on each model is different both interms of style and type of clothing yet all the looks feel very cohesive.  Really love the visors on every  model – the modern take of the classic military cap.  It is a collection which many fashion brothers would love to wear and every single piece screams “buy me buy me buy me” ( Which our poor credit cards will feel like giving them the finger from the pants of final look on the runway lol)

Anyway sorry for the incredibly long post.
Congratulations to all the winners and students involved in the amazing fashion show.  So happy to see such large level of talent in Asia especially Hong Kong. Can’t wait to see how the designers blossom in the industry.

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#OOTD – Iridescent Minimalism

Fashion for me have always been a form of experimentation. Unlike many fellow bloggers or fashionistas who may have a signature look but for me I like to challenge myself to explore different ways to push my style boundaries to create different reincarnations of my self at events.  As I get older, I’ve learnt to never say never to any item or style of clothing because I always end up wanting to wear something I’ve once said “I WILL NEVER WEAR “…………..”.” so its so important to keep an open mind about things I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Sometime meeting a garment with a style you’ve never tried before is like meeting a new friend with a personality you’ve never been friends with but happened to click by accident.  The moment came when I was at a designer’s office getting tailored for a printed suit this season.  It was a long purple jacket rendored in this thin, shiny fabric.  Even though Barbie is a fashion icon for me as seen in my previous posts here and here but I’ve never worn Iridescent fabrics and I seldom wear lavender because even though I love androgyny , I’ve always stirred away from it because I worry it may look too camp; but after I stared at the jacket at least 5 times during the 3 minute measuring session, My designer friend made me try it on just to get it over and done with.

It was love at first sight and surprised both me and the designer how much it suited me.  The silhouette and tailoring of the jacket is very masculine without being heavy because of the fabric.  The feminine lavender colour is a feminine touch and made it andrognous. But the biggest surprise was the Iridescent which made it sparkle without any sequin or crystal.  The whole effect felt like Cinderella when her Fairy God Mother turned her rags into a ball gown.

To style this amazing jacket, I gave myself another style challenge : keeping the look clean and minimal because I want a blank canvas for the jacket.  So I decided to go with a simple long tunic by the designer himself, a long white crisp sporty style pair of trousers and a pair of white sandals. Sleeking my hair back with gel was a wink to the Iridescence to finish off the look. Without further doodahs, Here are the photos.

Iridescent Minimalism

Photos by my style sister V-FOR-VISALA

Iridescent MInimalism 1  Iridescent MInimalism 2

Iridescent MInimalism 3

Iridescent MInimalism 4

Iridescent MInimalism 5

Iridescent MInimalism 6

Iridescent MInimalism 8

Iridescent MInimalism 7

Iridescent Minimalism 9

Iridecent Minimalism 9

Iridescent Minimal 10

Hope you enjoy this set of photo.

Thanks so much Visala for capturing a softer side of me.

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FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #4 – #supportHKdesigners

Hong Kong Fashion Week have arrived again this year.

My followers on IG will know how much I support Hong Kong Fashion Brands. 80% of my wardrobe consist of Hong Kong Designs because I believe Hong Kong have such good quality and unique designs. The price of the clothes is close to better quality high street brands such as Cos but its better quality. Also since the quantities in production is smaller then high street it is less likely to clash clothes with other fashionistas at fashion events or parties. After becoming friends with some of the designers and knowing how hard they work on the collections (most designers create their own print) I’ve decided when I started blogging to try and feature more Hong Kong Design Talents.

For the 4th year in a row, Fashionally presented a fashion show featuring Spring Summer 2016 collections by 10 local fashion brands.  In general, there was a great balance between Creativity and Wearability. Japan seem to be a great influence to the designers with several brands using the theme in their collection. Soft textures mix with hard elements was featured in the womenswear. Green seems to be the colour of the season with many designers featuring colours of nature in all its forms.

Without further doodahs, Here are my favourite looks from all 10 collections.

Matt Hui
Instagram: matthui_studio

Matt Hui SS16

Really love the relaxed chic vibe of the collection. The fabrics feel very light and easy.  Really love the rich shades of forest green and olive which is not often seen in Spring.

112 mountainyam
Instagram: 112mountainyam

LR 112mountainyam SS16

A very strong showing featuring the designer’s signature play of mix of textures and fabrics.  Very surprised with how much I love the green print especially mixing it with another shade of green but it is a print which will look dramatic both from far away but up close.

Instagram: demofashionhk


A very strong menswear collection by one of my favourite menswear design brands in Hong Kong.  What makes those clothes so seductive is the fact that Demo understands that wearable does not mean boring. Its the tiny details – small cutouts on the shoulders, the pleats and buttons which makes classic menswear styles interesting.  CRAZY about the kimono inspired coat and I will die to wear everything in the collection.

Sherman Kwan
Instagram: sk_shermankwan


A very unique collection. I respect creativity and individualism but for me the strongest pieces are the more minimal pieces of the collection. The hats and the socks are TO DIE FOR.

Chloe Sung
Instagram: chloesungoffical

LR Chloe Sung SS16

A super chic and modern collection for my style sisters.  Eventhough I love drama but its also important for clothes that translate from office to happy hour for the busy fashionista.  Can really visualize some of these dresses at on a women at a bar on friday night looking fabulous.

Instagram: modement


Those of you will think TimTim is biased and will love this collection and wear most of it -yes you are right. Whats not to love about clothes which are easy to wear , unique yet dramatic? Really love the Japanese influence and the green and black is so chic.  Modement will always be a brand in Hong Kong who inspire me to rethink my style possibilities and once again this collection did exactly that.

Instagram: lapeeweefashion


A beautiful collection for the sassy sophisticated fashionistas.  There is something very New York and Carrie Bradshaw about this collection. Its chic but with interesting detail which makes it the perfect canvas for accessorising. Thanks so much for making aqua blue look amazingly chic.

Blind by JW
Instagram: blindbyjw


A super dreamy showing by the designers famous for their ethereal prints.  Really love how the brand show something a bit more dramatic and edgy than their previous collections. The mix of prints worked unexpectedly well together. CRAZY about the asian influenced headpieces. This collection is a fantasy and these are clothes which makes you want to never stop dreaming.

Kenax Leung
Instagram: kenaxleunghk


At first I was surprised how toned down the collection was but when I went back to the looks after the show, there was a sense of sophistication and lux element which I haven’t seen from the brand before.  Its a lot more streamlined and refined and the attention to details are done to perfection. There’s a very effortlessly cool yet sophisticated vibe about this collection which gives the beautiful clothes the “buy me” factor.

Instagram: hang_mimmak


There are many beautiful pieces in this unique collection but when this final look came out, everyone grasped. It is the definition of the perfect wedding dress for the edgy fashionista bride who wants to be glamorous.  It has traditional bridal elements – the tulle , the bows , the big skirt, the veil but deconstructed and reinterpreted in the most modern and unique way. So refreshing to see the Wedding Gown comeback to close the finale of a fashion show and to be able to do it perfectly takes a lot of guts for a designer.

Anyway hope you enjoy my fashion review on this season’s fashionally fashion show.  Good Show to all the designers.

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Thats it for now.

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#OOTD – The Perfect Plan B

Hong Kong weather in summer is often so unpredictable especially in the past few weeks.  My followers on instagram will know that lately, I’ve been trying to do more outdoor #ootd photoshoots. It is always interesting to see how each outfit works with a different scenery to create the perfect fashion street snap.  Which is why everywhere I go I look around to see which location and interesting to compliments which outfits I have in my closet.  Sometimes, I will wear an outfit first then walk around with my assistant to see where its best to shoot the clothes, but for this outfit I had a specific location in mind.  So imagine my disappointment when it rained heavily the day I have to wear this outfit to the designer’s popup event.
Not wanting to wear the exact same outfit to shoot again waiting for the weather to improve ( cause I never really like to wear the exact
same outfit twice ) I’ve decided to try to experiment with using this
outfit but shoot it indoors without going out in the rain- the back
stairs and the space in the old industrial building outside my office.
Lets talk about the outfit first.  Those of you who read this blog
from the very beginning will know that I wear alot of Hong Kong
Fashion Brand Modement.  I love how the brand innovates menswear yet
also have pieces that are very wearable and compliments the body.
One of the signature pieces for Modement SS15 is a geometric print in
primary colours which features birds in a semi sheer fabric.  I fell
in love with it as soon as I saw it last year because for me Fashion
is art and I would hang that print up my wall.  Playing with that idea
I decide to compliment the print jacket with basic clean whites to
create a canvas against my art work and my new printed Giuseppe
Zanotti Sneakers which FINALLY went on sale. For some reason I really
want to clash it with Sailor Moon socks to bring some fun and
quirkiness to the outfit.
The result end up going suprisingly well with the location. The brightness and fun of the outfit contrast very well with the rawness of the industrial building. Also realise my building have a few bright colours which compliments the outfit. After going thru the photos, I realise sometimes plan b can be better than plan A cause I never throught a place I walk past everyday on my way to work have so many beautiful elements which matches this outfit.
Without further doodahs, Here are the photos.















Hope you enjoy this set of photo.

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Thats it for now.

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#OOTD -The New Animal Print

Every summer, my fashion brothers and I often struggle to find something appropriate to wear to special occasion and semi – formal to wear because it needs to look Smart, Cool enough to not sweat yet try to make an editioral statement. (Style sisters often have a similar problem in Winter).

For me, My usual smart casual /semi formal party gear often include a dress code of a Crisp Shirt, Tailored Shorts or Cropped trousers, A waistcoat (to replace the blazer) a nice tie, a printed pair of socks finished off with a good pair of shoes.

Which is why during my recent trip to London, Liberty became one of the must go places on my list of where to shop. Many of my followers on Instagram will know that I’ve always had a love for prints. I love them because it is the quickest way to make a fashion statement on any occasion especially in summer. I’ve always loved the prints from Liberty London because they are unique , often have a slight hand drawn asethetic and often have a cute touch to it. Also they are often not available anywhere else in the world. Which is why instead of spending my shopping budget on Designer Clothes I can find in HK, I chose to spend it on Fabrics instead to have a unique London Fashion Experience.

LR ootd new animal print 1

The First Print I chose to ask my tailor in Hong Kong to turn into clothes features different animals that you can find in the zoo rendered in cool colours such as purples , blues and greys.  The thing I love about this print is that up close you can find human accessories such as Giraffes wearing converse sneakers, birds wearing socks and Elephants carrying a briefcase.  With this beautiful print my tailors at Mijosu turned it into a pair of tailored shorts , a waistcoat and tie to create the perfect summer party outfit.  The total effect reminds me a little bit of one of my favourite childhood storybook characters Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.
Without further Doodahs, Here is the photoshoot.


Shirt – Modement
Shorts | Waistcoat | Tie – Mijosu featuring Fabric by Liberty London
Socks | Topman
Shoes | Trickers
Wallet | Liberty London

lr ootd new animal print 8

LR ootd new animal print 3

LR ootd new animal print 4


LR ootd new animal print 6

LR ootd new animal print 10

LR ootd new animal print 2

LR ootd new animal print 5

LR ootd new animal print 7

LR ootd new animal print 9

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#OOTD – Sporty in Pink

Summer have finally arrived. If you live in Hong Kong, many fashionistas will know that Hong Kong Summer can be very frustrating in terms of dressing up. Its very humid and you never know when there is a typhoon or when it will start to rain which makes it super hard to look good yet dress for the weather. Personally in summer I would like to stick to simple silhouettes in light fabric but play with bold prints and colours to make a statement. Shoes and socks are important for any fashion bro because it gives the perfect punctuation to any simple shirts and shorts combo.

My followers on Instagram would know that in the past year, I have developed an obcession with dancing so another brief for my OOTD is to wear sneakers on days which I don’t feel like carrying a pair of sneakers with my dance gear in my bag. Which is why our fairy god father Jeremy Scott have created the perfect answer to an outfit on a hot summer’s day with this outfit in collaboration with Adidas. Everyone who knows me will know that my all time favourite colour is Pink. I love it because I always believe that if a man can wear pink yet still look masculine, he is one of the most masculine guys in the world because he is comfortable enough with his sexuality to not be afraid to wear such a feminine colour.

The Chains and ribbon prints gives a nod to Versace in the 80s – very hard yet whimsical at the same time.  The fabric is light and cool enough to dance in.  I’ve paired the outfit with a pair of Adidas Wings Sneakers from the same collection which features pink roses. The outfit paired with a pair of pink checkered Happy Socks , Sunnies by Hong Kong Fashion Designer Kenax Leung and my Apple Watch makes it very sporty yet has a touch of androgyny. I feel like a male pink power ranger. Without further dodahs, here are the Photos.



Sporty in Pink 1

Sporty in Pink 2

Sporty in Pink 3

Sporty in Pink 4

Sporty in Pink 5

Sporty in Pink 6

Sporty in Pink 8

Sporty in Pink 9

Sporty in Pink 11

Sporty in Pink 12

Hope you enjoy this set of photo.
Sorry about the slow update. Been super busy with my hair stylist life, going to fashion events and designing my first clothing collection.

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SHOEGAISM – My 20 favourite shoes of FW15

All the International runway shows for Fall- Winter 2015 is over.  My instagram followers will know that I have to biggest Shoe-fetish ever. For many many years I have had the biggest obcession with shoes from men’s to women’s, stilattos to platforms, strappy sandals to ankle boots, I love a good old SHOEGAISM – the orgasimic experience you get when looking at the beautiful works of arts designed for your feet.
As a kid, Cinderella have proven to us that 1 pair of shoes can change your life.  Carrie Bradshaw have shown us that paying for shoes is the best motivation to work. In every one’s life, no matter what size you are or how much weight you put on in the winter, your foot size will never change and will always look fabulous.  I always believe that a good taste in shoes means a good taste in life.
This seasons, the offerings from the designers have been amazing.  Mary Janes style made a huge comeback.  Embellished shoes is still a huge trends as well as clear perspects heels. Backless sandals with chunky heels became a new take of sandals for winter, and over the knee gogo boots made a comeback to go with the 60s inspired theme in winter.  While its near impossible to pick my favourite 10 pairs of shoes so I extended my list to my favourite 20 with an honorable mention award.  WIthout further doodahs, here are my top 20 picks of Fall Winter 2015. (CAUTION: its a long post but please do read on to get to the crown jewels at the end^^)

 NO: 20 – CELINE FW15

I am not usually a fan of woven leather on shoes because I find those shoes very stiff looking. However this shoes woven with the wholes makes it look lighter. The crystal embellishment adds a touch of glamour- really love the contrast against the stiff and hardness or the shoes.

NO: 19 – ERDEM FW15

I’ve always loved laced up ankle boots on women. There is something very casual chic about it. The embroidery on this beauty by Erdem makes this shoe more standout and adds a touch of feminine charm to the classic boot.  Also love the fact that the white makes it look like a cross between a pump and a boot.

NO: 18 – ROCHAS FW15

Embellished shoes is a huge trend this season. Really love the subtleness of the small sequins and beads on this gorgeous pair of pumps by Rochas.  The warm tones create harmony against the crocodile leather yet add a touch of vintage glamour.  Its business in the front yet party from the side and back.


Backless heels made a huge comeback this season.  Its the perfect shoes for Fall for those who love sandals but want to wear it for winter.  This version by Thakoon is very innovative in design.  Really love the inspiration from the hiking boot cause its something very utilitarian but transformed into such a sophisticated pair of shoes.  The seemless transition between the wool to the leather and suede gives it depth and texture. Its not easy finding a pair of brown shoes I like but this is just fabulous.

NO: 16- MIU MIU FW15

Its never easy selecting just 1 shoe from any collection by Prada or Miu Miu because Miuccia Prada is one of my favourite designers interms of shoes.  These shoes made it to this list because 1 its incredibly versitile – you can dress it up with a cocktail dress or wear it with white capris.  The heels makes it comfortable and the colour, buckle and patent leather makes a bold 60s statement with its simplity. Bravo to Miuccia part 1 hahaha.


I am usually not a fan of shoes that look comfortable cause usually the most beautiful shoes require pain.  These kneehigh slouchy boots is different because I am crazy about the metal beading on the boots against the suede.  The wedge gives it high but still comfortable.  Its the boot for the bohemian fashionistas this winter.


GoGo Boots is big this season and its so difficult selecting 1 pair from Emilo Pucci’s beautiful collection.  These Boots is a fantasy ’cause of the polkadots mixed with the sequins.  Eventhough the statement may be so big that you may only be able to wear once of twice each season but it sure will make a splash at any event or party.


Mary Jane shoes are a huge part of every girl’s childhood because they are the shoes to wear to school and parties.  This season, Dolce & Gabbana modernised the classic shoes with embellishments and applicques.  These Black suede with gold embellishment is my favourite pair of the whole collection because its so sophisicated yet so glamorous and will look perfect with any pencil skirt or LBD.

NO: 12 – JASON WU FW15

Sometimes shoegaisms don’t need to come from the most embellished or extravagant pair of shoes.  Jason Wu gave the perfect twist to the classic black pump by the triangular heel.  Its a simple statement yet so classic and timeless.  Love the gold against the black crocodile leather.


The original house of shoegaisms, Salvatone Ferragamo did not disappoint us with such a wonderful collection of art deco inspired shoes.  These babies are one of my favourites cause if the architecture of the heel , the glamour of the metalics yet such a strong bold statement with the clean yet bold design lines.  Its the shoes for the Modern Cleopatra who is not afraid to make a fashion statement.

NO: 10 – FENDI FW15

I normally have a passionate hate for fur boots because most of the time they remind me of an ugg boot and never flattering to the ankles.  Karl Lagerfeld proofed me wrong with this cute pair of boots by Fendi.  Its molded to the ankles like a glove and the clear perspect heel gives it a unique structure to the wedge and an unexpected contrast to the fur.  Its cute but edgy at the same time. Bravo to King Karl.


This Season Roberto Cavalli created the ultimate ankle boot for the Fashion Diva to wear when going out and about.  Love the leopard print against the clear heel with gold embellishment. The fact that its not too high makes it comfortable. Its a wild and glamorous take to a classic winter staple.

NO: 8 – 3.1 PHILLIP LIM FW15

These heels by Phillip Lim may look painful but they sure are good darn gorgeous. Really love the ballad slipper concept against the classic black pump.  The backless style and the wearable height of the heel makes it slightly more casual which makes it perfect with pants.  Its a clic shoe which look good in all angles. Sure its painful but definitely worth the foot massage after.


Alexander McQueen FW15

I personally am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen shoes but my style sisters always complain that while they look beautiful but they are the most uncomfortable shoes on earth.  This season Sarah Burton showed her collection with ankleboots with a wearable 4 inch heel.  While there are alot of latex and leather in the collection, this shredded lace version really stood out to me because its so soft and romantic and different from any mcqueen shoes I’ve seen before.  Perfect for any feminine style sister who is looking for the perfect ankle boot to wear this season.


My followers on instagram always complain that I don’t show enough low heeled shoes on my #shoegaism posts so this creation by Balenciaga is for you. Its so classic , sophisticated and exudes vinitage 50s glamour.  The print on the silk against the fur makes it looks lux and the kitten heel is so sexy.  Usually I like high heels because they are more flattering to the legs, but these beautiful babies are definitely the #lowheelshoeoftheseason.


These Sandals really caught my eyes at first glance but I was not too sure about them because it feels very raw  and very messy. But when I looked closely I realise its just because I find it too much with the stockings. As a shoe, its very innovative with the simple fringe and weaving technique. Really dramatic but very wearable and will make a dramatic statement throughout all seasons.


Another beautiful boot from the same collection by Emilio Pucci .These knee high boots with embroidery of stars and horoscopes are so whimsical yet the navy suede with the gold makes it look extremely lux and rich.  The clear perspect heels keeps it super on trend. It is very dramatic but very wearable to wear with any miniskirt this season.

NO: 2 – PRADA FW15

As mention earlier, Miuccia Prada will always be my favourite shoe designer for her classic and dramatic shoes with a modern twist.  This double strapped satin Mary Janes is a very classic style. The chunky heel gives it a sense of toughness mixed with the strong design line created with the leather.  The lime and gold makes it look rich and dramatic. The perfect shoe that will make a statement to any cocktail party.

And finally here is the BTW-WORKSHOP BLOG pick for the shoe of the season.


It takes a true special design if the shoe gives me goosebumps just by looking at 1 angle.  These Art Deco inspired strappy sandals speaks for itself. Its dramatic, its innovative yet not so high that its unwearable.  Crazy about how the heel seemlessly flows to the straps. Its so beautiful that I don’t care how it looks in the front.

On top of my top 20, there is also 1 special shoe which I would like to give an honourable mention to.


This beautiful pair of sandals by Giorgio Armani did not make top 20 because to be honest, it IS a style that we have seen many many times before.  However its perfectly executed with the crystals, the string tie, the height and shape of the heels with the pointed toe.  Its Cinderella story in a shoe and it is a shoe which is so timeless and will be in a women’s closet forever.

If you are reading to this point, sorry about a very long post and thanks so much for letting me rant on and on about shoes for a blog post. What do you think? Did you have as many shoegaisms as I did? Feel free to comment and leave a message in the comment section.

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Its been awhile since I’ve updated ’cause I’ve been so busy working on up and coming projects which will be revealed both here and on my instagram .

2015 have been a very sad year for the fashion industry with many fashion designers announcing that they have shown their final ready to wear collection. Recently, Marc Jacobs announced that they will close down Marc by Marc Jacobs and incorporate it into his main line .  In Febuary, Victor & Rolf announced that they have shown their last ready to wear collection and focus on Haute Couture . But for me, the most upsetting news was when Jean Paul Gaultier decided to end his ready to wear line earlier this year to focus on Haute Couture. While I respect those fashion gods for choosing art over fashion and I know they will still produce beautiful work but for most of us who can’t afford Haute Couture , it is the most devastating news ’cause for many years, some of my biggest investments is to save money to buy pieces from these amazing designers.

I’ve loved Jean Paul Gaultier for so many years. I’ve always loved his creativity , his passion for androgny and the fact that he redefined menswear by designing traditional women’s items such as skirts, sheer garments and corsets for men.  Which is why I’ve decided to try buy some of the pieces from his final collection as archives for the future and of course try to do photoshoots to do these clothes justice.

This shoot features 2 of the key pieces in his final collection.  The sheer Knit is from his final menswear collection. I love it ’cause Its the perfect balance between masculinity with the classic sweater style but the sheerness adds a touch of mystery and sexy to the garment.  The Blazer is from his final resort ready to wear collection . Eventhough it cost an arm and a leg but I love it because of its corset details – a signature by JPG.  Inorder to compliment the outfit, I’ve chosen the Empress Plaza in Hong Kong ’cause of all the beautiful plants, flowers and artwork which I throught will compliment with the Hard and soft texture of the outfit.  P.S I made the bracelet myself out of swarovski crystals.  Without further doodahs, here are the photos.

TOP: Jean Paul Gaultier
PANTS: Rag & Bone
Blazer: Jean Paul Gaultier
Boots: Junya Watanabe X Trickers
Bag: 112 mountainyam
Bracelet: Made by ME ^^
















Hope you all enjoy this outfit as much as I did wearing it.  Special thanks to my dear assistant Charlie for this awesome set of photos.

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